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Sitting on the Sidelines-2cor8

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Sitting on the Sidelines- 2 Cor. 8:1-15

  1. Introduction

    1. Personal story (demonstrates that sitting on the sidelines is defeating and unrewarding)

·       Grew up in a small town

·       Winter played hockey and summer played baseball

·       Going to provincials (State tournament)

·       Why I spent the entire event on the bench

    1. Illustration: Bad for the Back (it can hurt your ability to perform well) ·       It hurts your ability to meet your potential

·       It doesn’t utilize your God given gifts and talents

c.  Illustration: Douglas Brantley (sitting on the sidelines is potentially dangerous)

·       Sitting on the sidelines too long can become overly comfortable

·       It can have future regrettable consequences

d.  In Sports

·       Starters-those that are active consistently

                                                They demonstrate their dedication to the job

                                                Day in and day out they give their best

                                                They are rewarded

·       Benchwarmers-those that sit on the bench consistently

                                                They lack skill

                                                They lack heart and ambition

                                                They are a substitute for the injured

                                                They are tolerated

e.       In Christianity

·       Starters-the ultimate starter was Jesus Christ

            He gives us an example to follow (John 13:1-17 13:12-17)

            He served us by dying on the Cross so that we could live

            Christianity begins at the Cross, not ends

            Starters are actively participating in their Christianity

·       Benchwarmers-those that are uninvolved

            Christianity is not a single act

            An unfulfilled life is all about me.

            Christianity does not consist of an hour on Sunday

f.       The unfortunate truth-we get involved according to the 80:20 principle

·       Many are missing out on the joy of active involvement (Service)

·       Today I want to share with you, how we can spur each other to greatness

2.      The Message

a.       What does it mean to be a Servant?

·       For some it may be closer to slavery

·       For some it is something beneath them

·       For some it is something they will get around too some day

·       For others it is their ultimate goal (James 2:18,26)

b.      How should we define Service?

·       Illustration clip-John Q (Ch. 17-5:20) (his willingness to give everything)

·       Jesus’ ultimate service to us (1 John 3:16)

·       Giving of ourselves for the sake of others

c.       How Should We Serve?-The Church at Macedonia (2 Cor. 8:1-15 read by worship leader)

·       A brief History (Acts 16)

            Paul travels to Philippi-preaches and Lydia is first convert

            Place where he was imprisoned and God intervened

            In the process Jailer and family were saved

            Macedonians are praised by Paul to others as stellar servants

·       The Macedonians (2 Cor. 8:3-5)

            They gave Sacrificially (Kevin Bradley)

                        -It cost them something

            They gave Willingly (The Broetjes)

                        -They did it because they wanted to

            They gave Eagerly (Reese Hurley)

                        -They desired to help and couldn’t wait

            They gave Spiritually (Chad Polito)

                        -They gave for God and the good of others

d.      What do I do?

·       Evaluate yourself (refer to SHAPE inventory)

            Spiritual gifts-as outlined in the Bible

            Heart-things I am good at and love doing

            Abilities-what can I do and am working on

            Personality-what kind of character am I

            Experience-how can experience shape me passions

·       Find your place-Illustration: How to make a difference

            Ask the pastor, Youth pastor or other staff

            Talk to members on the nominating committee

            Talk to current leaders

            Simply see a need and start filling it.

e.       What do I get?

·       Everything you gave (Luke 6:38)

·       Prosperity and refreshing (Proverbs 11:25)

·       Blessing (Acts 20:35)

·       Greatness (Mark 10:43,44)

3.      Conclusion

We have been set a great example

            Four Individuals that gave themselves for others

                        Kevin Bradley

                        Ralph & Cheryl Broetje

                        Reese Hurley

                        Chad Polito

            The Macedonian Church that gave:





            Jesus Christ-Love Song-Third Day ( I will introduce)

                        He gave his life away

Today is your opportunity to write your own “Love Song”.  From this day forward to say that I no longer am satisfied sitting on the sidelines.  I want to be a starting player, I want to give my life away, will you do it?

All text in blue indicate Power Point, scripture read or a song or video clip.  In most cases I will provide verbal cues to indicate the next event.  If you wish to provide any graphics, a sport or sideline image would suit nicely.  If you have any questions give me a call.  Thanks!

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