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How to use this resource                                       2


Evangelism Tool: UnderGrad Party                                               4

Gateway: UnderGrad Invitation to Weekend Worship Service         5

Friendship Evangelism Challenge                                                 6

Friendship Evangelism Card                                            7


Weekend Worship Service Message Outline                                  13

Back of the Weekend Worship Service Outline                  14

Sample Letter to Crowd Students                                                 14

Incoming Freshman Transition Flyer                                 15

Examples of Weekend Worship Service Series                  16

Information Card                                                                       17

Follow Up Information: “Getting a Bible”                           18

Follow Up Information: “Committing My Life to Christ”       19

Follow Up Information: “Baptism”                                                 20


Area Bible Study Curriculum: Student Workbook Sample   31

Area Bible Study Curriculum: Leader Notes                                  32


Discipleship Tools: RootWorks                                         38

Discipleship Tools: Student Accountability Group Card       39

Discipleship Tools: Student Accountability Group Covenant            40

Discipleship Tools: Sign Up Card                                      41


Student Leadership Brochure and Application                    48

Student Leadership Meeting Agenda                                 51

Core Reports                                                                 52

Testimony Tool Cover Letter                                           54

Testimony Tool                                                              55


Volunteer Application Packet                                           62

Volunteer Application                                                      68

Volunteer Staff Commitment Sheet                                  69

Planned Values                                                              70

Weekend Worship Service Table Leader Ministry Description          73

Area Bible Study Ministry Descriptions                              74

Ministry Team Leader Ministry Description                                    74

Table Leader M.I.N.I.S.T.R.Y. Tool                                               75

Ministry Ideas for the Time Conscious Volunteer               76

Resource Inventory                                                        77

Area Bible Study Volunteer Feedback                               78

Anonymous Volunteer Staff Survey                                  79

Fingerprinting Process                                                     80

Family Ministry

Incoming Freshman Parents’ Orientation                          104

High School Ministry Primary Programs                           105

Special Events

Mexico Missions Trip Expectations                                               111

Summer Camp Expectations                                          112

Summer Camp Covenant                                                           113

Vision and Leadership

Time Management                                                         118

Saddleback’s Program Descriptions                                 119

Follow Up                                                                      121

Sample Training From a Staff Meeting                             122

Encouragement Letter to Students Doing Friendship

Evangelism                                                        8

Potential Community Outreach Brain Storm Ideas                         9

Follow Up Information: “Joining the Church” – 21

Follow Up Information: “Getting Involved with a Ministry”   22

Follow Up Information: “Growing In My Faith”                    23

Getting Students to Do Ministry                                        24

Youth Ministry Sex Survey                                              25

Youth Ministry Spirituality Survey                                                 26

New Believer’s Packet                                                     27

Get to Know You Flyer                                                    29

Examples of Bible Study Curriculum Series                                   35

Letter to Area Bible Study Host Homes                             36

Sample Letter to Encourage Committed Students              42

Bible Institute Sample                                                     43

Digging Deeper: Committed Newsletter                            45

S.H.A.P.E. Inventory: Cover Letter                                              56

S.H.A.P.E. Inventory                                                       57

Ministry Team Leader Responsibilities (Greeting Team)      59

Ministry Team Descriptions                                              60

Sample Letter to Potential Adult Volunteer                                    81

Sample Rejection Letter                                                  82

Sample Exit Letter                                                          82

Volunteer of the Month Award                                          83

Volunteer Staff Sheet                                                     84

Volunteer Expectations for Driving a Vehicle                                 85

Top 10 Myths About Being a Great Volunteer Youth Worker            86

Potential Volunteer Flyer                                                             87

Volunteer Staff Meeting Agenda                                       88

Free Email Letter                                                                        89

Volunteer Training for Area Bible Study Small Groups        90

Volunteer Training for Ministry Team Leaders                   100

Planning a Special Event                                                            102

Monthly Parents Letter                                                   108

Letter to Parents about a Family Friendly Ministry            109

Summer Camp Devotional Booklet Cover Letter              114

Summer Camp Devotional Booklet Sample Page              115

Summer Camp Follow Up Letter                                      116

Weekend Worship Service Overview                               123

Area Bible Study Overview                                             124

Life Development Intern Program                                               125

How To Use This Resource

This notebook contains hundreds of ideas from the youth ministry at Saddleback Church. We were going to include the thousands of ideas that didn’t work, but we didn’t want to create a resource of encyclopedic proportions.

This notebook contains the miscellaneous “stuff” of our ministry--forms, fliers, promotional material, meeting itineraries, letters to parents, volunteer applications, student leadership commitments, etc.  We’ve put this together because we’re asked every day by youth workers for some of the contents. We hope it will be a valuable resource for your ministry. We want to give you our “stuff” so you don’t need to create everything from scratch. God has called us to be effective shepherds of his sheep . . . he hasn’t called us to be original. “What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun. Is there anything of which one can say, ‘Look! This is something new?’ It was here already, long go; it was here before our time.” (Ecclesiastes 1:9-10)

Take these ideas and run! Feel free to copy to your heart’s delight; our only request is that you don’t publish this material or plagiarize it for profit. Use this material “as is” or better yet, improve upon these ideas—then let us see your improvements so we can use it ourselves! It’s our hope that the ideas contained in this notebook will serve as a springboard for your creativity.

The Organization of this Resource Notebook

To make this notebook as user-friendly as possible, we’ve organized this resource beginning with the 5 circles of commitment and finishing up with the major transcendent elements of our ministry. Because the circles define levels of commitment, they describe what already exists then illustrate the goal of where we want students to be. If you’re familiar with the circles, then the following is going to be review (If not, see pages 83-102 in Purpose Driven Youth Ministry):

The Community Student

A Community student is any non-churched teenager who lives within a realistic driving distance to our church. Spiritually, this student is committed to living apart from Jesus.

The Crowd Student

A Crowd student is anyone who attends one of our Weekend Worship Services. These students make up our regular attendees and are both Christians and non-Christians. Spiritually, this student is committed to hearing about Jesus.

The Congregation Student

A Congregation student is one who gets involved in our mid-week area Bible study small groups. Spiritually, this student is committed to a personal relationship with Jesus and other believers.

The Committed Student

A Committed student is growing through developing habits (spiritual disciplines) such as personal Bible study, prayer, accountability with another believer, scripture memorization, and giving. This student is committed to growing on his or her own in Jesus.

The Core Student

The Core student is the committed student who has discovered his or her giftedness, is serving in a ministry, and shows an understanding and expression of evangelism. This student is committed to serving because of Jesus and sharing the good news.

The last five sections of this resource are: Volunteers, Intern Program, Family Ministry, Special Events, and Vision and Leadership. We call these elements “transcendent” because they cross the entire spectrum of our students’ commitments. For example, volunteers are involved at every level (from the Community to the Core) in the lives of all our students.

At the beginning of most of these resources, you’ll find the graphic of an eye next to the words, “How we used this.”  The material that follows is a short explanation of how we implemented that particular tool in our ministry. We have tried to include this information on those resources that weren’t necessarily self-explanatory.

One final note: many of these resources in this notebook are found here as text only. We decided to remove most of the formatting and layout to save space.


Doug Fields


resources for the



Evangelism Tool: UnderGrad Party

How We Used This. . .

This is a tool we gave to our regular students at the Weekend Worship Service to challenge them before the UnderGrad Party.

How to use The UnderGrad Party to Reach Your Friends

(in order of difficulty--but everyone can do #1)

1. After They Attend The Party, Invite Them To Join You For A Weekend Worship Service

One of the most common reasons your friends don’t come to church is that they don’t know what to expect.  Now that they’ve been to the Under-Grad party it will be easier to get them to Sunday morning.

[Help relieve some of their fears by explaining what happens on Sunday morning--humor, video, drama, band, message, etc.

Assure them they won’t have to dress up, read out loud, sing solos, or share their worst sin.]

2. Tell Your Friends Why You Attend Saddleback

Most people think their friends will give them a “hard time” for going to church.  This couldn’t be further from the truth.  Most people respect others that are trying to find answers to life -- even when the answers have to do with God.

3. Tell Your Friends Why You’re A Christian

If you’re a Christian, you’ve made the most important decision of your life to give your life to God and have a personal relationship with Him.  We share all types of decisions with our friends, but we usually fear their response to our faith.  We become afraid we’ll be labeled a “Jesus freak”.  Here’s an important truth; if your friendships have any degree of depth they will not only accept your faith but honor your commitments. Sharing your faith wouldn’t jeopardize true friendships.

4. Share With Your Friends How They Can Become A Christian

If you have never done this before, we’d be thrilled to share with you some very specific ways you can communicate God’s plan for eternal life.  We’ll talk you through it, give you some resources to use, and support you with prayer and encouragement.  For those of you that have done this before, we encourage you to continue to share with your friends the life-changing message of Jesus Christ.

My Invitation List:

1.      ________________________________________

2.      ________________________________________

3.      ________________________________________

4.      ________________________________________

5.      ________________________________________

6.      ________________________________________

7.      ________________________________________

8.      ________________________________________

9.      ________________________________________

10.  ________________________________________

Gateway: UnderGrad Invitation to Weekend Worship Service

How We Used This. . .

This is a flyer we handed out to students after our evangelistic program, the UnderGrad Party. This “gateway       promotion” directed community students to take the next step and visit the Weekend Worship Service.

Friendship Evangelism Challenge

How We Used This. . .

One way we promoted the Friendship Evangelism Challenge was to put the following material on the back of students’  small group study guide. We encouraged our small group leaders to walk their students though the challenge.



Evangelism is tough work! Most Christians struggle with being evangelistic. We have created the FRIENDSHIP EVANGELISM CHALLENGE to help you share the Good News with others.

First: Make a list of five of your friends you’d like to see become a Christian. Next, begin praying for your friends; ask God to provide opportunities for you to share with them about your faith.

Below are five steps, the first is easiest—anyone can do it. Begin to work through all five at your own pace! Don’t feel like you need to do all five in a week, the important thing is that you set some goals and make progress!

Step 1: Tell your friend you’re a Christian

Step 2: Invite your friend to an appropriate program

Step 3: Tell your friend why you’re a Christian

Step 4: Tell your friend how you became a Christian

Step 5: Ask your friend if he or she would like to become a Christian

If you decide to take the Friendship Evangelism Challenge, we want to know about it so we can pray for you.  Sign up at the information table in the back of the High School room at one of the Weekend Services.

Friendship Evangelism Card

How We Used This. . .

When students commit to friendship evangelism, we give them this card to help them fulfill their commitment.

Encouragement Letter to Students Doing Friendship Evangelism

Greetings to all of you out there in the Friendship Evangelism World.

I just wanted to drop you a letter to say hello and let you know how awesome you are. I think that it is great that you have a heart for your lost friends and that you really care about where they will spend eternity. The cool thing about sharing our faith is that we don’t have to have all the answers. God never said to be a walking Bible person with the answers to everything. All we have to do is be willing to be used by God and share what we know, share what has happened in our lives. Our own experiences are what is most powerful to our friends because we already have credibility. Step 3 in the Friendship Evangelism process is to tell your friends why you’re a Christian--this is your testimony. All of us have a testimony no matter if you were raised in the church or you just became a Christian. Your testimony is awesome because your life has been changed because of Christ and that is the important part. Enclosed is a ‘Testimony Tool’ that will help you write out your testimony so you will be able to share with others why you’re a Christian.

Hopefully you have already filled out a Friendship Evangelism card, and have been prayin. I honestly believe that if we pray God will open up opportunities for us to share with our friends. You are all awesome and I would love to hear any stories you have of how God has opened up opportunities for you to share with your friends. Also bring your friends to the Weekend Services (Sat. @ 6:30 p.m. or Sun. @ 9:45 or 11:30 a.m.). That’s probably one of the best places for them to see that God isn’t boring, and church can be fun. When you bring your friends to church, introduce them to us so we can meet them. I challenge you to fill out the card, if you haven’t, and begin to pray for your friends and invite them to church.

You are all in my prayers,

Aaron Gutridge

Potential Community Outreach Brainstorm Ideas

1.  Alternative Events For Community Students



These events take place on Friday nights after local football games from 9pm to midnight.  The evening includes dancing, bands, and pizza.

Dance Club

On a weekly basis students are looking for things to do with their weekend evenings.  We could facilitate a weekly dance club during the summer months and sporadically during the school year.  This would be the only place in the city where such an event could take place.  The youth center would be used to house the dances.

Skateboard Tournament & Drug Free Awards Party

This event would allow students to compete in skateboarding in a safe environment.  We would have professional skaters conduct the awards ceremony and give testimony to their life without drugs and alcohol.

Almost Anything Goes Game Night

We would pack the facility for an evening of fun and games that would be geared as outrageous and recreational rather than competitive.

Summer Day Camps

One-week sessions designed to provide families with a safe place for their kids.  Each week could serve a different faction and/or theme (i.e. basketball camp, drama camp, etc.).  Each week would include recreation, social opportunities, field trips, spiritual input, skill specialization, and entertaining programs.

Talent Shows

We would work with schools to have a "best of" talent show featuring the student performers from each of the schools.

Super-Star competition

We would invite the best student athletes from community schools and put them through a superstars-type event to test their strength and coordination.

Dating Game

Similar to the television show and designed to bring students from all parts of the community together for laughter, socialization, and entertainment.

Student Comedy Night

We will bring the best comedians together from each high school and set up an atmosphere where they will compete as best student comic.

2.  Events For “Popular Nights”


Junior High Grad Night

This evening is designed especially for the graduating eighth grade student.  The format would be similar to a huge family graduation party.  There is nothing like this in the community.

UnderGrad Night (Freshman-Juniors)

An evening designed especially for all those students that aren't graduating.  Many of the local schools have programs designed for the seniors, but none have parties for the underclass students.  These students are out of school and ready to party.  We will ensure a safe environment.  There is nothing like this in the community and would meet a great need.

After-Prom alternatives

These programs would be a great alternative for students and schools that are participating in proms.  Most after-prom activities include drinking and staying in hotel rooms.  These events would include music, food, videos, and friends.

Post Dance alternatives

If the after-prom alternatives work well, we will continue this program with the other dances throughout the school year.

Drug Free Holidays

Throughout the year we will have several one-time events that will include a large group of kids during a vulnerable time to partying and drug use.  Examples of these events would include:        

·          Fourth of July Blowout

·          Presidents’ Day Dance

·          New Year’s Party

·          Halloween/Haunted House

3.  Parent's Events


These workshops will be educational seminars taught by professionals to better equip parents towards the incredible task of being a parent with today's adolescents.

·          Encouraging My Child Athlete

·          Single Parents Forum

·          Kids Being Forced To Grow Too Old Too Soon

·          Teaching Sexual Values To Your Children

·          Raising Capable Children

·          Helping Children Overcome Peer Pressure

·          Building Self-Esteem In Children

·          Drug-Proofing your Kids

·          Recognizing & Dealing With Eating Disorders


In addition to workshops we would plan different ways in which parents could spend time with their kids in a healthy and growing environment.

·          Father/Son Monday Night Football

·          Mother/Daughter Banquet

·          Father/Son Sports Banquet

·          World's Largest Family Picnic      

4.  Student Education


Each student seminar will be constructed to meet the needs of the student and taught in a manner that will be interesting and practical to today's students.

·          Divorce Recovery

·          Creative Dating

·          Star-Student Study Skills

·          Baby-sitting Skills Clinic

·          Preparing For College Life

·          Raising Your Parents Without Losing Your Mind

·          Preparing Yourself for the Big Job

·          Love, Sex & Dating

·          How To Raise Money This Summer

The Arts

On a regular basis we will have involvement-oriented workshops that will allow students to learn and to express their giftedness through some of the following means:

·          Drama

·          Guitar

·          Art

·          Dance

·          Band

5.  Sporting Program

On a monthly basis we would like to have a program or sporting event that appeals to the athlete or the sports enthusiast.

Sports Tournaments

·          Basketball

·          Volleyball

·          Roller hockey

·          Wiffleball

Cheerleading seminar with Collegiate Cheerleaders

A few months prior to high school and junior high cheerleader try-outs, we could sponsor cheerleading clinics for these students.  These "professional" cheerleaders and dancers will instruct and encourage teenage participants.


We will use the professional athletes that are available and in our community to conduct specialized clinics for interested students.  (i.e. baseball, football, etc.)


The three-to-five program will meet some of the most basic family needs.  For two-income families this will provide an opportunity for their children to be involved in a safe and loving environment during important developmental hours.  Drug abuse, crime, delinquent behavior and rebellion often parallel the amount of unrestricted free time young people are given.

During this time, students will have an opportunity to hang-out at the youth center as well as participate in a variety of classes including:

·          Aerobics

·          Weightlifting

·          Art

·          Karate

·          Computer training

·          Tutoring

·          Peer counseling


The purpose for these shows would be student entertainment with a value message.  The show will use students from within our community as the stars.  It's intended for the show to generate a following of students that will be involved in the creation and publicity of the show.


The peer-counseling program will give any junior high or high school student the opportunity to develop peer counseling and leadership skills in order to effectively help their friends.  This program will lay a life-long basic counseling and leadership goals. 

Included in this program will be training on:

·          Personal growth and development

·          Conflict management

·          Effective listening

·          Problem solving

·          Crisis intervention

·          Self-esteem building

·          Dealing with suicidal friends

We would use professionals to provide on-going psychological evaluation of the program.  It is a program that is needed in our community.  Studies are showing that the most effective prevention tool available to teenagers is peer influence.


·          Excellence in public education

·          Understanding the make-up of the 90's adolescent

·          Teaching without speaking--use of effective communication

·          Building character in the classroom

·         Motivation in the classroom

·         Working with rude, obnoxious, & undisciplined


resources for the


Weekend Worship Service Message Outline


How We Used This. . .

Every week, we provide all of our students with outlines of the message so they can follow along with the teaching. All of our weekend messages are available in print form or in Super Series format through Simply Youth Ministry (1-866-9-SIMPLY or

How To Keep From Shrinking

Doug Fields

Essentials For A New Year

“There are three things that will endure--faith, hope, and love--and the greatest of these is love.” 1 Cor. 13:13 (NLT)

Faith is our ________________

Hope is our ________________

Love is our ________________

 “Patient endurance is what you need now, so you will continue to do God’s will. Then you will receive all that he has promised.” Hebrews 10:36(NLT)

A Continual Growth Plan

“We have around us many people whose lives tell us what faith means. So let us run the race that is before us and never give up. We should remove from our lives anything that would get in the way and the sin that so easily holds us back. We do this by keeping our eyes on Jesus, on whom our faith depends from start to finish.” Hebrews 12:1-2a (NCV)

1. FIND ____________________________

“We have around us many people whose lives tell us what faith means...”




2. REMOVE ____________________________

...We should remove from our lives anything that would get in the way and the sin that so easily holds us back...

Obstacle #1:

Obstacle #2:          

3. FOCUS ____________________________

... We do this by keeping our eyes on Jesus...

Bible (time in God’s Word)

Prayer (time with God)

Accountability (time with another believer)

4. DON’T ____________________________

     ....So let us run the race that is before us and never give up...

Spiritual growth comes from a lot of little________________

Spiritual growth is ________________

Back of the Weekend Worship Service Outline


How We Used This. . .

This is one of the ways we communicate the purposes. We put this on the back of the Weekend outlines to help students see the big picture of our ministry.

Sample Letter to Crowd Students


I want you to know that there is a “method to the madness” that you’re a part of within this high school ministry.  The baseball diamond below gives you a “big picture” of our high school ministry.  This diamond allows us a way to measure growth and maturity.  You can see where you fit in our programs, what’s ahead of you, and what you can do to help others along the process.  I want to do whatever I can to help you grow.  You are an important person in our ministry and I’m thrilled you’re here today.

God loves you and so do I,

Doug Fields

High School Pastor & former little league umpire

[We would include the baseball diamond with numbers and the names of the programs with this letter]

Incoming Freshman Transition Flyer

How We Used This. . .

This is a flyer we mailed to the incoming Freshman to invite them to our ministry.

Top 10 Reasons To Get Excited

About Going To The High School


10) The FRESHMAN FRENZY is only for incoming 9th graders (this Friday night 6:30pm-midnight--room 400--$10.00--Pizza/bowling/fun-times.)

9) No one will ever ask you again, “So are you in 7th or 8th grade?”

8) Over half the people you’ll be around have their own driver’s license so you can “bum” a ride and never be tempted to steal your parent’s car and drive it around the church parking lot.

7) Kimbo’s beard can be found on Habib’s head.

6) The first Wednesday night program is June 29th.

5) Doug & Jeff are better at Twister than Kurt & Joe.

4) You’ll have three service times to choose from: Sat @ 5:00, Sun @ 8:45 or 11:00.

3) Captain Ron will be replaced by Captain Fantastic.

2) Because the high school student band is the best in the world.

1) Donuts, Donuts, Donuts.

Examples of Weekend Worship Service Series

Taming The Belching Dragon

1) Lying

2) Gossip

3) Encouragement

How To Rearrange The World

1) Ethos-Do people trust me?

2) Pathos-Do I love people?

3) Logos-Do I know what I’m talking about?

How To Be A Wiseguy/Gal (Proverbs)

1) Fear of the Lord

2) Discipline

3) Discernment/Understanding

4) Wise Behavior

E.V.I.L. or L.I.V.E.

1) Satan isn’t a cartoon character.

2) Demon possession--where is God?

3) God is real!

What’s All The Talk About Sex?

1) What’s the big deal anyway?

2) What’s the Bible say about sex?

3) How far is too far?

4) When sex goes wrong (sexual abuse)

Jesus’ Greatest Hits

1) Pool of Bethesda (John 5)

2) Women caught in adultery (John 8)

3) Fruit and the vine (John 15)

4) Women healed of bleeding (Mark 5)

Information Card

How We Used This. . .

We have all of our visitors to the weekend worship service fill out this information card.

Follow Up Information: “Getting a Bible”

How We Used This. . .

The following few pages contain the material (without layout) we mail to students based upon their response filled out on the information card.

Getting A Bible

One of our greatest desires is for you to be hooked on reading the Bible, God’s Love-letter. Here are a few ideas to help you on your way:

1. Where can I get a Bible?

At the Weekend Services we have available (we sell them at the same price we buy them, but if you don’t have the money, don’t let that stop you . . . we’ll get a Bible in your hands) two great Bibles: the Message and the One Minute Bible for students. THE MESSAGE is a contemporary translation of the New Testament. The ONE MINUTE BIBLE was put together by Doug and is a great way to get into the habit of reading the Bible. The One Minute Bible has 365 one minute portions of the Bible with an application for each day. All you have to do is read one minute a day. If you miss three days, it only takes four minutes to be caught up!  The Bibles are in the back of the room, tell somebody and we will get one to you.  Also, you can always go to a Christian bookstore and buy a Bible, and if you do that you’ll need to know . . .

2. What kinds of Bibles are there?

Any Bible written in English has been translated from the languages of the original writers (Hebrew and Greek). Some English translations are easier to read than others. The following is a list of common translations listed (in our opinion) in the order of their difficulty to read: King James Version (KJV); Revised Standard Version (RSV); New American Standard Bible (NASB); New International Version (NIV); New Century Version (NCV); New Living Translation (NLT). Once you have a Bible, you’ll want to know . . .


3. Where do I start reading?

A lot of people try to read their Bible from cover to cover. Few make it all the way through. One reason this is difficult is because the books of the Bible are not arranged so that one book always leads directly to the next. Trust us on this one; upon further study, you’ll discover what we mean.

If you want to get a good overview, start by reading the gospel of John (New Testament) and then Genesis (Old Testament). By reading these two books, you get an overview of the life of Jesus and the big picture of God’s creation and our human condition.

If you have any questions about getting a Bible, or anything else, call Matt McGill at the number listed below.           

Praying for your growth!

High School Ministry Staff

Follow Up Information: “Committing My Life to Christ”

You wanted information on . . .

How To Become A Christian

. . . and here it is!!

We’re thrilled you’ve asked about the most important decision a person could ever make!!

Because this is so important, someone will give you a call to answer any specific questions you might have.  Here are some basics to get you started in thinking about making a life changing decision for Jesus Christ:

1. God created us because He LOVES us and wants us to ENJOY a personal relationship with him.

"Even before the world was made, God had already chosen us to be His through our union with Christ . . . because of His love, God had already decided that through Jesus Christ he would make us His children - this was God's pleasure and purpose."  Ephesians 1:4-5

2. When we KNOW and LOVE God, and LIVE according to God’s purpose for our lives, it produces tremendous benefits in our lives.

“The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.”  John 10:10

3. HOWEVER, there is a problem! 

You already know what that problem is: no one is perfect! And the Bible calls that imperfection “sin.” Sin means we are separated from God.  Imperfection results in a consequence, and that consequence is eternal separation from God.

“for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God” Romans 3:23

4. God is perfect and we are imperfect.

The only way for us to enjoy a relationship is for us to be perfect ourselves--but nobody is perfect!

5. HOWEVER, God came to earth as Jesus to lead a perfect life and to PAY the price of OUR imperfection!

Why did God do this? Why did God send His son to die in our place?  Because He loves us so much He did EVERYTHING to restore the relationship with imperfect people.  Jesus freely offers this gift through faith in Him.

“But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.” Romans 5:8

6. All we have to do is accept Jesus’ free gift of salvation, accepting Him as Lord of our life.

“This righteousness from God comes through faith in Jesus Christ to all who believe.”  Romans 2:22

Here is a sample prayer to accept Jesus:

"Dear Jesus, thank you for making me and loving me, even when I've ignored you and gone my own way.  I realize I need you in my life and I'm sorry for my sins.  I ask you to forgive me.  Thank you for dying on the cross for me.  Please help me to understand it more.  As much as I know how, I want to follow you from now on.  Please come into my life and make me a new person inside.  I accept your gift of salvation.  Please help me to grow now as a Christian."

Have you said these things to God? 


If you don’t feel like talking, don’t sweat it!  The person who does call you won’t force you to talk about anything with which you are not comfortable.  There’s no pressure!

If you do decide to accept Jesus as Lord and Savior of your life, we urge you to tell somebody who is a believer!!  Give us a call.  We would love to answer any questions, offer encouragement, and share in the excitement of your new life!

Praying for your growth!

High School Ministry Staff

Follow Up Information: “Baptism”

Getting Baptized


1. What is baptism?

Baptism is the act of a BELIEVING Christian who wants to publicly confess his or her personal commitment to Jesus Christ. It is the symbolic WASHING AWAY of one’s old, sinful past and the RISING again to LIFE, God’s way. The act of baptism can be defined as an outward expression of an inward decision. 

2. What does baptism mean?

Baptism illustrates Jesus’ BURIAL and RESURRECTION.

“Christ died for our sins ... He was buried ... and He rose again.”  1 Cor. 15: 3-4

Baptism illustrates NEW LIFE as a Christian.

“By our baptism then, we were buried with Him and shared His death, in order that, just as Christ was raised from the dead... so also we may live a NEW LIFE.”  Rom. 6:4

Baptism does not make you a Christian. It is a demonstration that you already believe. It is important to understand that baptism does not “save” you.  You are “saved” only by your faith in Jesus. 


3. Why do we get baptized?

To follow the example set by CHRIST & because Christ COMMANDED it.

“. . . Jesus came from Nazareth and was baptized by John in the river.” Mark 1: 9


“Jesus said, Go then, to all people everywhere and make them my disciples, baptize them in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit...” Matt. 28:19-20


4. When is a good time to get baptized?

As soon as you BELIEVE! THERE IS NO REASON TO DELAY. As soon as you have decided to trust Christ with your life,  you can and should be baptized.  If you’re waiting until you’re perfect, you’ll never be ready. 

“Those who believe ... were baptized ... that day!”  Acts 8:35-38

Call the office, (949) 609-8000, to find out when our next baptism is.

Praying for your growth!

High School Ministry Staff

Follow Up Information: “Joining the Church”

You wanted information on . . .


Joining The Church

. . . and here it is!!

At Saddleback Church, we believe that the Church is a family, and God expects all believers to be a part of his family.  A believer without a Church family is an orphan.

". . . You are a member of God's very own family . . . and you belong in God's household with every other Christian." Ephesians 2:19

There are four requirements to be a member at Saddleback Church:

1. Have you committed your life to Jesus Christ and trusted Him for salvation?

2. Have you been baptized by immersion (under water) after you have committed your life to Christ?

3. Have you completed Class 101?

4. Do you desire to abide by the Saddleback Membership Commitment?

Where are you at?  Have you done all of these things?  What can we do to help you become a member of Saddleback Church?  Do you have any questions about accepting Jesus, baptism, bronze class 101, or the membership commitment?  Give us a call, we would love to do what it takes to help get you involved.

Praying for your growth!

High School Ministry Staff


Follow Up Information: “Getting Involved with a Ministry”

Getting Involved in a Ministry


“Why should I be in MINISTRY?”

Everyone can do MINISTRY. It is our belief that if you get involved and serve in MINISTRY now you will develop the habit and serve forever! We want you to find the JOY of participating in a MINISTRY. So, participate TODAY instead of sitting back and waiting until tomorrow! We believe your serving can make a difference in this world and in our church.


Check It Out! 

We want to help you discover your gifts and talents and to express them by getting involved. We have many different ministry teams for you to check out. We want to help you discover the ministry God has designed you for.


“How Can I Get Involved In A Ministry”

It’s so easy ... fill out a MINISTRY CARD at the weekend service or call Amanda Korte at the phone number listed below.


Serving is where it’s at!

Here is a list of our ministry teams:

·          Art/Design

·          Audio

·          Babysitting

·          Band

·          Care Calling

·          Children’s Sunday School Leader

·          Drama

·          Freshman Transition

·          Greeting/Table Leader/Host

·          “Fishsticks”

·          Meals For Needy/ Jackets For Jesus /World Shoe Relief

·          Jr. High

·          Mountain Bike

·          Office Work

·          Photography

·          Prayer/ Encouragement

·          Choir

·          Surf/ Bodyboard

·          Video

·          Setup/ Cleanup

·          Seniors Need Love

Would you like to serve in your community by visiting an old folks home?  Seniors need love! There are lots of senior citizens that don’t have people to visit them...would YOU like to visit them?

If you don’t see a ministry that fits for you, we’ll help you start one.

If you have any questions or if there is anything we can do to help you do ministry, call Amanda.

Praying for your growth!

High School Ministry Staff

Follow Up Information: “Growing In My Faith”

You wanted information on . . .

Growing in Your Faith

. . . and here it is!!

We’re thrilled you’re interested in growing in your faith.  Our ministry exists to help students like you move toward spiritual maturity. Maturing in your faith isn’t easy--but few things worthwhile in life are easy.

One of the best ways to grow is to develop some spiritual habits like: spending quiet time with God, having accountability with another believer, memorizing the Bible, being involved with the church body, tithing, and studying the Bible.

We have created an acronym to help you remember these habits:

Hang time with God

           (have an accountable relationship with another believer)

Accountability with another believer

           (have a consistent time with God through prayer and Bible reading)

Bible memorization

           (have key scriptures memorized)

Involvement with the church body

           (be involved with the church body through attendance or serving)

Tithing commitment

           (practice the discipline of financial giving)

Study Scripture

           (know how to study the scriptures)

We haven’t stopped at just identifying some habits for you to develop, but we have also created some free tools to help you:

Hang time with God………………………………………………………….……………….Quiet Time Journal

Accountability with another believer………………………………………….…………………..SAG Five

Bible memorization…………………………………………………………..…………………Hidden Treasures

Involvement with the church body……………………………………………………………Go to Church!

Tithing commitment……………………………….…………………………………………..Bank of Blessings

Study Scripture……………………………………………………….…………………………………RootWorks

You can get any of these tools in the back of the high school room at any of the Weekend Worship Services. Don’t feel like you need to take all of them; just take the one that seems the most interesting to you.  Start out slow, work at your own pace. Remember: you’re developing habits that will last a lifetime.

If you have any questions, or if there’s anything we can do to help you grow, please call Matt.

Praying for your growth!

High School Ministry Staff

Getting Students to Do Ministry

How We Used This. . .

We put this promotion piece in our bulletin at the Weekend Worship Service to help get our students involved in a ministry team.

1 18 people

can GIVE their TIME


5 people for Weekend Worship Service production team

10 people to help in the office after school

8 people to make “care” calls

5 people who can help with video production

3 vocalists to help with leading worship at a Weekend Worship Service

4 writers for a student newsletter

1 photographer for a Student Newsletter

3 people to run PowerPoint each service

10 people to do internet research and graphics design

4 artists for set design, layout, & various art projects

3 people to help with volunteer appreciation

1 person to oversee the World Shoe Relief

3 people to help with mission projects

20 people to be greeters at the Weekend Worship Service

3 people to help Doug prepare his weekend messages

8 people to commit to the drama team

3 people to volunteer baby sit at our staff meetings once a month

20 people to help with follow up for Area Bible Studies

4 people to help plan monthly special events

Each of these areas are going to require different time commitments.  Let us know your area of interest and we will work around your availability and let you know the time needed.

Name:__________________________________   Phone:______________________

Circle your area of interest and leave in the offering box

Youth Ministry Sex Survey

How We Used This. . .

The following resource is the text (without layout) from a sex survey we had our students take. We used some of the results and answers in our teaching time.

Sex Survey

Please take this survey seriously and be honest in your answers.  Your answers will be completely anonymous.  No one will know who you are.  Your answers will help me get a clear picture of where our group is sexually.  Thank you for taking the time to do this survey. 

                                                                   Doug Fields

                                                                        High School Pastor and Sexologist

Have you ever been in love?                                                                          Yes      No

Have you ever “gone out” with someone?                                                    Yes      No

Have you ever gone on a group date?                                                                       Yes      No

Have you ever gone on a “one on one” date?                                                           Yes      No

Have you ever kissed someone romantically?                                                          Yes      No

Have you ever gone too far sexually?                                                                       Yes      No

If YES, did you go too far because the other person pressured you?                      Yes      No

            Did you later regret that you had gone as far as you did?               Yes      No

            Do your parents have rules about how old you must be to date?                 Yes      No

Have you talked AT LENGTH with your parents about sex?                         Yes      No

Would you feel free to ask your parents anything about sex?                                 Yes      No

Have you ever had a sexual encounter with someone of the same sex?                 Yes      No

Which option best describes your opinion about sex before marriage?

·          sex is okay if I am really in love

·          sex is no big deal

·          sex is a very serious occasion

·          sex is wrong

How far have you gone physically?

hugging---kissing---french kissing---making out---light petting---heavy petting---oral sex---intercourse

How far do you think a person should go before marriage?

hugging---kissing---french kissing---making out---light petting---heavy petting---oral sex---intercourse

What do you think is the most important reason not to have sex before marriage?

·          I might get pregnant OR I might get someone pregnant

·          I might get AIDS or some other disease

·          It could ruin my reputation

·          I want to save myself for my spouse

·          The Bible says it is wrong


Where have you learned the most about sex?

·          Friends

·          TV, movies, magazines

·          School classes

·          Parents

·          The Bible and Church

·          Older brothers and sisters

Youth Ministry Spirituality Survey

How We Used This. . .

The following resource is the text (without layout) from a spirituality survey we had our students take. We used this survey to get a feel of where our students were in their faith.

Spiritual Survey



Chose one of the following:

            r          I am already a Christian



            r          I became a Christian today for the first time.

            r          I have questions I want answered before I become a Christian.  (Write questions on back.)

Chose one of the following:

            r          I’m moving away from God

            r          I’m stagnant in my faith

            r          I’m growing, but very slowly

            r          I’m growing

            r          I’m on fire; I grow every day

One area where I really need to grow is:


New Believer’s Packet

How We Used This. . .

Mailed to students that have recently made a commitment to Christ.

New Believer’s Packet Cover Letter


There’s a good chance that you’re reading this letter because you have recently made a decision to accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior of your life.  This is exciting and we want to do everything possible to help you grow and explore the new Christian life you have just started.

Are you ready?

Your life has just reached a new level.  You have taken the first step to your ultimate fulfillment . . . God has a wonderful plan custom tailored just for you.  Are you ready to grow in ways you’ve never imagined?  Are you ready for the Creator of the universe to work through you?  Are you ready to experience a peace and joy that your past life could never offer?  Are you ready?

Take the Next Step.

We’re thrilled to help you grow closer to God.  We have created this packet to help you begin the first steps in your faith.  There’s a lot of stuff in here, but here is a quick look at what is inside:

1. How to Become a Christian

This is a quick snapshot of God’s plan for us.

2. New Believer’s Journal

This is a tool to help you reflect upon your decision to accept Jesus and become a Christian.

3. Getting Baptized

Now that you’re a believer, it’s time to get baptized--there’s no reason to wait.

4. Joining the Church

Every Christian without a church family is an orphan. We would love for you to be a part of our church family, and this information will tell you how.

We urge you to read through the material in this packet.  We are in the process of putting together a new believers’ Bible study.  When it is complete, we will make every effort to contact you with the details.  If there is anything we can do, please call--we’d love to hear from you.

Praying for your growth,

High School Ministry Staff

How to Become a Christian

See page 19 for this resource.


New Believer’s Journal


If you’re reading this, then you have probably recently made a decision to accept Jesus as Lord and Savior of your life.  That’s exciting, and we’re committed to your spiritual growth.  If you ever have any questions, or just want to talk about some of your ideas, then feel free to call us.

This New Believer’s Journal is a tool designed to help you reflect upon your decision to accept Jesus as Lord of your life.  A journal isn’t a diary: you don’t write about WHAT you did today, but reflect upon WHO you are.

The Bible teaches that becoming a believer should be a deliberate act, not a quick decision that fades slowly into a broken commitment.  We want your decision to have some depth, and those roots will grow when you reflect on your experience.

Work through these questions slowly; there’s no race and you don’t have to finish them all at one time.  Don’t let these questions limit you.  They are meant to work as a spring board for your thoughts.  If you run out of room, then get another notebook.  If you want to write about something that has nothing to do with one of the questions, then do so! This is your journal, your words are priceless.

Once you finish this journal, we encourage you to get a blank notebook so you can continue to journal.  You will be amazed at how much God will teach you in just ONE day.

Praying for your Growth,

High School Ministry Staff

Journal Questions


Why have you decided to make Jesus Lord and Savior of your life?  What factors went into your decision?

What are the names of the people who were most influential in your decision?

What was attractive about the people you listed on page three?  What are some qualities you respect or admire about those people?

How would you describe your relationship with God right now?

Write down five words to describe God and why you chose those words.

What do you think are some good things to do to deepen your relationship with God?  (If you’re stuck: what would you do to deepen your relationship to a new friend?)

Why do you think God wants you in his family?

Who are three Christians you respect and whom you could talk to about your new faith? (It is real important for a Christian to have other Christians available, anyone on staff would love talk with you about your faith.)

What are some big time questions you have about God, Jesus, Christianity, the World, etc.?

What do you hope and expect your new life to look like now that you are a Christian? The Bible says: “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come!”

What are some “old things” in your life which you hope to leave behind?

| !! John 3:16 Card


Getting Baptized

God                              the greatest giverso loved                        the greatest motivethe world                      the greatest needthat he gave                  the greatest actHis only son                  the greatest giftthat whosoever              the greatest invitationbelieves in Him              the greatest opportunityshould not perish           the greatest deliverancebut have eternal life.      the greatest joy

See page 19 for this resource.

Joining the Church

See page 21 for this resource.

Get to Know You Flyer

How We Used This. . .

This is a form we had the incoming freshmen fill out so we could have a few details about their life.

15 Questions To Get To Know You . . . Freshman Thingy!

Name: __________________________________________

Address: ________________________________________

City: ___________________________ Zip: ____________

E-Mail: _________________________________________

Graduation year: ___2002_____  High School: ___________

Mom’s name/Dad’s name: __________________________

Do your parents go to Saddleback Church? Yes ___ No ___

1. How long have you been attending Saddleback Church and how did you start attending?

2. Circle the word that would describe your junior high involvement at the church:   ACTIVE     OCCASIONAL     INFREQUENT

3. What did you like most about WILDSIDE? (The junior high ministry @ Saddleback—in case you’re new)

4. What did you like least about WILDSIDE?

5. What three words would you use to describe yourself?

6. How much time during the week do you spend on the internet?

7. Are you involved with any team/sport/club/etc. at your school? If yes, what?

8. What three words would you use to describe your family?

9. What’s your favorite type of music? Radio station?

10. What makes you the most angry?

11. Who has been the most influential person in your life? Why?

12. Who was your small group leader during WILDSIDE?

13. What is one thing in your life that brings you the greatest joy?

14. How would you describe your relationship with God right now?

15. How would you answer this question, “I am happiest when …”

Answer YES or NO to the following questions

Do you eat fish?                                                                               Yes       No

Do you like donuts?                                                                         Yes       No

Do you attend church on Saturday nights?                                          Yes       No

Do you attend other churches?                                                                      Yes       No

Do you love warts?                                                                          Yes       No

Do you live in England?                                                                    Yes       No

Are you normally happy?                                                                  Yes       No

Do you own a Bible?                                                                         Yes       No

Do you want to meet more people?                                                   Yes       No

Do you love questionnaires?                                                             Yes       No

Do you think Kurt Johnston has more hair than Doug Fields?                Yes       No


resources for the


Area Bible Study Curriculum: Student Workbook Sample

How We Used This. . .

At our Area Bible study small groups, we provide a workbook for our students. The following resource is one lesson.






Area Bible Study Curriculum: Leader Notes

How We Used This. . .

The following text (without layout) comes from the curriculum we give to our small group leaders.

Responding to the CALL of Evangelism

Introduction                10 minutes

Lesson Objective

This lesson will lay a foundation for the evangelistic call all believers must answer. Evangelism is necessary, and this lesson will highlight four facts that prove this truth.

Fill-in Sentences

2,000 years ago, Jesus, the Son of God, died to save everyone in the world. If you stop to really think about it, this event is truly mind-boggling.

The next 5 lessons are going to explore evangelism and help us discover what our responsibilities are as believers.

Evangelism means sharing the Good News of Salvation.

Not every Christian is called by God to be an evangelist, but all believers should be evangelistic.

This lesson will explore four truths that prove why evangelism is a non-negotiable call to every believer.

What’s the Point?

Let’s be honest: Evangelism—in all its many expressions—is tough. It’s something all Christians struggle with because it’s hard to do and it’s worthwhile.

This unit is going to study evangelism. Without an evangelistic attitude, the Christian community becomes a holy huddle. The Church doors are closed tight, the sign above reads “Saints Only”. Sharing the Good News is a primary task of every believer.

Teaching Groups: Study         15 minutes

Teaching Group Verses

Group #1       Matthew 9:9-13

Group #2       1 Timothy 2:1-4

Group #3       1 Corinthians 1:26-29

Group #4       Hebrews 9:27, Mark 16:15-16

What’s the Point?

It’s clear that this world has problems--sickness, death, unhappiness, injustice, crime, etc. What isn’t clear to most people is that these problems come from sin: being separated from God. The whole world is unhealthy, and God wants everyone to be healed. Most won’t accept Christ, and thus be saved, but God still desires everyone to be saved.

God works hard to get us back: he’s given us his Word, his Son, and his spirit. God also works through ordinary people to bring others into his kingdom. I Corinthians 1:26-29 may be a bit difficult for your group . . . extra help may be required. Finally, everyone has a choice; life is short and we believers need to be up to the task of evangelism.

Teacher Facilitates Study

Break your students into four groups.  Do this randomly, and change it up each week.  Tell the students to study and talk about their verse.

Each group will be responsible to 1) retell the passage in their own words (some groups like to use skits), and 2) write a one sentence summary of the passage.

Teaching Groups: Teach         15 minutes

ABS Teacher Facilitates Teaching

After each Teaching Group is done with its assignment, bring all the groups together and facilitate the teaching time.

Wrapping it Up           5-10 minutes

Fill-in Sentences

Four truths which prove the necessity of Evangelism

1. People are sick: infected with sin. This means separation from God and this leads to death.

2. God wants everyone to be healed/saved.

3. God works through ordinary people to heal others.

4. Each person must make a decision of faith; life is short.

The Extra Mile 2 minutes

Digging Deeper

Read Matthew 10:1-42. Make a list of all the directions Jesus gave to his disciples that directly apply to you.

Table Talk

1. Who are three people we know who need to hear the Good News?

2. How important is evangelism to our family? How is our evangelism expressed?

3. When do you find it easy to share your faith with someone?




Small Groups            35-45 minutes

Bible Study Scripture

Matthew 5:17-26

Bible Study: Questions

Matthew 5:17-26

After reading this passage, does anyone have any questions? What doesn’t make sense or is strange or weird?

Can someone retell this event/passage/passage in his or her own words?

Who were the Pharisees? What did they think about Jesus?

Why did Jesus forgive the paralytic’s sins?

Why did the Pharisees get so mad?

What role does faith play in this event?

Why did Jesus heal the paralytic?

What was the paralytic’s biggest problem, being a sinner or being paralyzed?

What significance does this event have for evangelism?

More small group questions

Consider the different kinds of people in this event. Who are you like the most and why?

            the paralytic who needs desperate healing

            the four friends who bring the sick to Jesus

            the Pharisees who criticize and are against Jesus

            the crowd who praise God for his grace

            the healed paralytic who has recently been healed

What do you first think of when you hear the word evangelism?

Look back at the four truths presented in “wrapping it up”.  Which one is the most significant for you and why?

Do you think you are an evangelistic person? Why? How do you express your evangelism?

Who is a person you think is evangelistic? Why?

What makes evangelism hard? What is something easy about evangelism?

When was the last time you verbally shared your faith with someone?

What is one specific thing that you will do next week to be more evangelistic?

What are some spiritual goals you may have for this year?

What would you like to get out of this small group?

Truth for Today Fill-in Sentences

1.  Decide to work with God to build an evangelistic attitude.

2. Make a list of five of your non-Christian friends.

3. Begin praying for them and ask God to give you opportunities to share with them.

4. Be ready to be used by God; the time is now and there’s no reason to wait.

Prayer Requests

Examples of Bible Study Curriculum Series

How We Used This. . .

At our Area Bible study small groups, we provide curriculum for our small group leaders. This page contains some of the series we have done. More curriculum is available through Simply Youth Ministry (1-866-9-SIMPLY or

Life of Christ

·          The Incarnation

·          The Beginning Of Jesus’ Ministry

·          The Baptism and Temptation of Jesus

·          Ministry Begins

·          Jesus’ Model of Discipleship

·          The Opposition: Pharisees, Sadducees, and Teachers of the Law

·          I AM

·          Jesus the Healer

·          Jesus the Forgiver of Sin

·          The Final Night of Jesus

·          The Death of Jesus

·          The Resurrection of Jesus

Working out what God is working in

·          The roadmap for survival: God’s word

·          He’s not finished yet

·          How to know God's will

·          How to do God's will

·          Asking God the right questions

·          Seeking God’s answers

·          Knocking on doors in your life

·          Batteries not included: the spirit-filled life

Surviving Your Christian Faith

·          Making Godly choices

·          Temptations: traps or tools

·          Beating life’s problems

·          Stay close to the fire: Christian friends

·          Putting God first in your life

·          Managing conflict

·          Forgiving others

·         The disciplined survivor

The Tools of Survival

·          How to last your lifetime: spiritual disciplines

·          Help! I’ve fallen asleep and I’m not done praying

·          How to track your investments: being accountable

·          How to read a love letter

·          The body you belong to: the church

·          How to be rich: the art of giving

·          Mind over what matters: memorizing scripture

·          How to be productive: resting well

Discovering Evangelism

·          Responding to the CALL of evangelism

·          Understanding the CONSEQUENCES of being evangelistic

·          How to CHANGE your heart towards evangelism

·          CELEBRATING the good news

·          How to COMMUNICATE the good news

·          Maintaining CREDIBLE friendships

Letter to Area Bible Study Host Homes

How We Used This. . .

When we begin our Area Bible Studies for the year, we send a letter to the host homes so they know what to expect.

Dear ABS Host Family,

Thank you for allowing our high school ministry to use your home for our Area Bible Study (ABS) program. Whether you decide to go out on a “date-night” during our time at your house, or participate as a small group leader, or hide in your bedroom, I want you to know how much I appreciate you and your willingness to open your home to the students at Saddleback Church!

What To Expect:

Lots of noise and laughter, cookie crumbs, and some freshmen running through the house--but most importantly, many changed lives. You will be among the first to hear the stories about students accepting Christ, connecting with other believers, and growing spiritually.

What I Suggest:

Meet with your ABS leaders after the first meeting to let them know your “Top Pet Peeves.” For example, you may want everyone to leave their shoes in the entryway or eat snacks in the kitchen only or to stay out of your grandmother’s prized rose garden! Whatever your particular wishes are--just mention those things to all the leaders.

Promise us that you will treat yourself to a real blessing during (at least) one of the meetings, that is to listen to a lesson and watch the interaction between the leaders and their small groups. We guarantee that you will be filled with gratitude over the opportunity to open your home to ABS!

May God richly bless you for your generosity,

Doug Fields

Youth Pastor


resources for the


Discipleship Tools: RootWorks

How We Used This. . .

The following is a sample page taken from our RootWorks Bible study on the book of Philippians.

Questions for Philippians 1:12-14

1.  What has happened as a result of Paul’s imprisonment?

2.  What does Paul’s experience say about how God can work through difficult circumstances?

3.  How does Paul’s experience relate to the following verse?

“And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to His purpose for them.” Romans 8:28

4.  Do you ever feel imprisoned at school or chained to someone?

5.  How might your “imprisonment” serve to help you talk about God?

Questions for Philippians 1:15-18

1.  Paul is talking about two types of preaching being conducted while he’s in jail.  One group has sincere motives while the other group has greedy motives. Paul recognizes the mixed motives but he’s thrilled the message of Christ is getting out regardless of motives.  What is an example of a church having greedy motives?

2.  What can one do when he/she recognizes impure motives?

Discipleship Tools: Student Accountability Group Card

How We Used This. . .

We give this card to students to remind them of their commitment and to give them a place for their partner’s phone number.

   Therefore confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that
you may be healed. James 5:16 


I desire to grow in my relationship with God, and I acknowledge my need for personal accountability in my life. I commit to meet once a week with my partner to pray and encourage one another.  ______________________________partner ______________________________partner’s phone number             

Discipleship Tools: Student Accountability Group Covenant

How We Used This. . .

When students commit to SAG 5, we have them sign this covenant. We laminate it and then give it back to them as a reminder.

Student Accountability Group

C     O     V     E     N     A     N     T

I, ____________________ , desiring to grow in my relationship with God, acknowledge my need for personal accountability in my life. I commit to meet once a week with my partner to pray and encourage one another.

Therefore confess your sins to each other and

pray for each other so that you may be healed.

James 5:16

          ____________________                                                        ____________________

          signed                                                                                      partner’s name

          ____________________                                                        ____________________

          date                                                                                 partner’s signature

Discipleship Tools: Sign Up Card

How We Used This. . .

When students commit to any of the HABITS discipleship tools, we have them sign a card so we can follow up and encourage them.

YES! I want to develop Spiritual H.A.B.I.T.S.

I am signing up for:

r Quiet Time Journal    OR     r RootWorks (don’t get both at once)

r S.A.G. Five (r help me find a partner)

r Hidden Treasures      r Bank of Blessings

Name: _______________________________________

Phone: _______________________________________

School/Grade: _________________________________

Address: ______________________________________


Turn this in at the information table to pick up your tools.

Sample Letter to Encourage Committed Students

My dear friend,

I hope this letter finds you doing well!  I’m writing to encourage you in your study of God’s Word through RootWorks. I’ve been hearing all kinds of feedback from those who have taken it.

“It’s the best Bible study I’ve ever done!”

“Uh, well...I have it...I read the first page, but to be honest, it’s under my rat cage.”

“Fields, I can’t believe it.  I found three typos.”

“I’m going to start it soon. I promise.”

I’m so thrilled that you’ve expressed a desire to study the Bible that I wanted to write you and say, “way to go”.

Here’s some suggestions to help you with this discipline...

Don’t give up!  Let me or your small group leader know how you’re doing.

Do a little at a time. Habits are formed by doing something everyday for at least twenty-one straight days. Studying the Bible can become a habit.

Pray for a new insight from God each time you study the Bible. Remember, you’re not just reading, you’re studying.

Mark the mistakes you find and let me know so I can correct them.

Share any new insights with your S.A.G. 5 partner. If you don’t have one and you need help finding one, then let me know.

If you don’t understand a question, forget about it and move on. Don’t let that keep you from finishing a lesson.

Know that I love you and thank God for you,

PS: If you want more information of some of the other discipleship tools let me know (i.e. Quiet time journal, Bank of blessings, Hidden Treasures).

Bible Institute Sample

How We Used This. . .

Once a month, we teach a three-hour class called the Bible Institute. The following resource is a sample page from one of the studies. The next page contains the table of contents from the first lesson.

Bible Institute: Introduction to the Bible

What Kind of Book Is This?

1. The Bible is __(mostly)__ history.

            (narrative of events which happened in the past.)

2. The Bible is __(much)__ __(more)__ than history.

--It’s really __(God’s)__ autobiography.

            (How he created, sustains, works in, and saves the world.)

3. The Bible is a book about God’s __(love )__ __(affair)__ with people.

Salvation Historyrefers to the series of historical events which are specific acts of God to save his people.

4.  Because of this, the Bible is called __(salvation)__ history.


Salvation History 101

a) Adam and Eve were created perfect (very good).

b) Adam fell into sin and away from God.

c) God has been trying ever since to bring people back into His Kingdom.

5. The Bible is different from a __(history)__ textbook.  The Bible is __(didactic)__.

Didactic“Intended to instruct”


            --It wants to __(change)__ your __(life)__.

            --If you __(hear)__ your __(heart)__, it will!!

6. Why did God __(write)__ the __(Bible)__?

            a) to give __(wisdom)__ about __(the world)__.

            b) to bring people __(closer)__ to __(him)__.

Bible Institute: Introduction to the Bible


What Kind of Book Is This?

The Uniqueness Of The Bible

The Structure Of The Bible   

Inspiration: How The Bible was Written

Canonization: How The Bible Was Recognized

Old Testament Canon          

New Testament Canon         

What About The Stuff That Didn’t Get In?      

Illumination: How the Bible is Understood

Seven Images the Bible Uses to Describe Itself


Problems in Understanding the Bible


Advanced Bible Study Method


Bible Study Luke 7:1-10

Digging Deeper: Committed Newsletter

How We Used This. . .

This resource is a newsletter we send out to every student who has committed to the HABITS.


resources for the


Student Leadership Brochure and Application

How We Used This. . .

The following is the text (without layout) from our Student Leadership application.

Introduction and Table of Contents


If you’re reading this, chances are you’re interested in leadership and you want to find out exactly

What Is Student Leadership?

Commitments are tough, and they often determine how we spend our time. This brochure will outline

What A Student Leader Is Committed To.

After checking out the commitments of a student leader, you’ll see that we’re expecting a lot from our student leaders; however, there are benefits and you’ll find that

High Requirements have High Rewards.

To further our explanation of student leadership, we have provided

Two Pictures Of A Student Leader.

After taking a look what it means to be a student leader, you might decide you want to begin the process and find out

How To Become A Student Leader.

After you prayerfully consider your commitment to being a student leader, you will need to fill out the

Student Leader Application

before you make an appointment for your interview.

We are excited about our student leadership. If you have any questions about student leadership, please call (949) 609-8000.


High School Staff

What Is Student Leadership?

Jesus expected leaders to serve

Jesus gave his disciples an image of leadership that we use as our standard for student leadership within our high school ministry.

“Jesus called them [the disciples] together and said, "You know that the rulers of the Gentiles lord it over them, and their high officials exercise authority over them. Not so with you. Instead, whoever wants to become great among you must be your servant, and whoever wants to be first must be your slave--just as the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many." Matt 20:25-28

Not only does Jesus shatter an existing leadership style (being in charge), but he lays out a prescription of a leader that reflects serving others.  Serving others is how we define ministry.

This type of servant-leadership is not attractive to most people. It goes in direct opposition to the attitude of running to the car to ride in the front seat and being first in line to eat. But this is the type of servant standard we want reflected by our student leadership.

What is the Difference between a Core Student and Student Leadership?

Core students attend our programs and are involved in a ministry. Every person in student leadership is in the core, but not every core student is in student leadership. Student leadership is a program designed specifically for the core student who is willing the make the extra commitments to fulfill the high school ministry’s purpose. We view student leadership on a similar level to our staff.  Student leaders are student staff.


What A Student Leader Is Committed To

Committed to a Relationship with Christ

Ø I acknowledge the Lordship of Jesus Christ in my life and have a personal relationship with him.

Committed to Growing in Christ

Ø I am committing to spiritual growth through involvement with an Area Bible Study small group.

Ø I am committing to spiritual growth through the habits of:

ý consistent quiet times (Quiet Time Journal)

ý accountability with another believer (S.A.G. Five)

ý memorization of scripture (Hidden Treasures)

ý involvement with church body

ý giving (Bank of Blessings)

ý personal Bible Study (RootWorks)

Committed to Serving Because of Christ

Ø I am committing to contributing to or leading a ministry on a consistent basis.

Committed to Living a “No Doubt” Lifestyle

Ø I am committing to choices, lifestyle, and attitudes that are godly, knowing that my leadership is a model for other students. 

Committed to Friendship Evangelism

Ø I am committing to Friendship Evangelism, and bringing my friends to appropriate programs.

Committed to the Student Ministry

Ø I am committing to attend a Weekend Service and greet other students in order to create a warm environment.

Ø I am committing to attend Class 101, 201, and 301 before I am a part of student leadership.

Ø I am committing to attend a non-negotiable, monthly student leadership meeting.

Ø I am committing to greet other students at all the programs I attend.

Ø I am committing to understand the purpose statement and to memorize it.

Ø I am committing to understand the planned values and the maturity process of the high school ministry programs.

High Requirements High Rewards

We’re asking a lot from student leaders and because of this, we realize leadership isn’t for everyone. Many people won’t want to rise to the high level of commitment we are expecting. Others might not have enough time to commit to attending both Weekend Service and an Area Bible Study Small Group. If student leadership isn’t for you, don’t worry about it. Not being involved in student leadership isn’t necessarily a measure of your spiritual maturity. We are committed to you and want to help you continue to grow spiritually regardless of your involvement.

Although we’re asking for a considerable commitment from our student leaders, there are also benefits. Student leadership has high requirements, but it also has high rewards. Part of the high reward student leaders receive is more intense and personal time with the high school staff. We want to invest in the lives of our leaders.

To The Parents

We are especially concerned about the family life of our student leaders. We don’t want to create a ton of programs to keep students out every night of the week. Spiritual growth does not necessarily require sacrificing family time and commitments.

As far as a time commitment, we’re asking our leadership students to be out one night during the week (Area Bible Study small group), attend one service on the weekend, be a part of a ministry team (each requires different amounts of time), attend a monthly leadership meeting (two hours), and care for the Saddleback students at their schools.


What parents can expect from our high school staff:

1. We will Model Christian leadership for your kids.

2. We will Mentor them in their leadership development.

3. We will Monitor their growth as student leaders.

4. We will Motivate them through encouragement and feedback.

5. We will encourage them to Multiply by sharing their giftedness with others.

Once your son or daughter has filled out the application and gone through the interview, we will contact you to make sure you understand and can support the commitments we are looking for.

Two Pictures of a Student Leader

Profile of a Student Leader Who is Living a “No Doubt” Lifestyle

Accepting of others

Accountable to another Christian

Authentic and transparent


Faithful with the small things

Genuinely friendly

Growing spiritually

Helpful and serving

Honoring God by consistently choosing God’s way over the world’s way


Love for life

Positive attitude

Proud to be a devoted follower of Christ

Role model of a Christian student

Portrait of a Student Leader Who is Committed to the Student Ministry

Acts as a campus pastor at school

Is committed to the unity of our youth ministry and feels a sense of ownership in the ministry

Follows up on weekend visitors and other students when back on campus

Greets on weekend worship services and other programs

Is involved in all of our major events

Looks out for loners and visitors

Meets with other student leaders to pray for their campuses

Models appropriate program behavior

Is on the lookout for opportunities to serve

Oversees and encourages at least one Ministry team

Solves youth ministry problems without complaining

Speaks highly of staff and other student leaders

Understands the purposes of why we do what we do

How To Become A Student Leader

1. Prayerfully consider all the student leader commitments.

2. Talk with your family and evaluate the commitments.

3. Type your answers to the six questions below.

4. Turn in your answers and schedule an interview with Doug.

Student Leader Application

Please type your answers to all of the following questions.

1. Why do you want to be in student leadership?

2. How would your non-Christian friends describe your relationship with God?

3. How would your Christian friends describe your relationship with God?

4. How would your parents describe your relationship with God?

5. How is your “friendship evangelism” going?

6. Explain your spiritual growth and comment on your use of the following:

Quiet Time Journal

S.A.G. Five

Hidden Treasures

Bank of Blessings


Student Leadership Meeting Agenda

How We Used This. . .

This page is the agenda from a typical student leadership meeting.


Purpose statement

Potential audience



“Romans Road”/The “Biblical road to salvation (3:23, 6:23, 5:8, 10:9-10, 10:13)

Mexicali leadership


How to Continue Growing As a Student Leader

Things Matt does to grow in his faith

What the Bible wants to teach you

Some practical steps for becoming better at studying the Bible

Leadership on the move

Commit to study (in-depth) a minimum of 8 chapters in the New Testament

UnderGrad: spread the word to your friends who don’t go to church; invite them

UnderGrad: (if your time allows) sign up to help with some of the preparations (sign up with Aaron C.)

Reading Assignment: Purpose Driven Youth Ministry, pages 137-155

Leadership Reports



Laughter and Celebration



Involvement of Students

Outreach orientation

Numerical growth

Spiritual growth




Strategic Follow up

Group Prayer


Core Reports


Know and Understand

Student Leaders Need to Know and Understand:

The five Biblical purposes and our purpose statement (chapter 2 and page 57)

Our Potential Audiences (chapter 5)

Our spiritual maturity process (chapter 12) (including all 5 Friendship Evangelism steps and all 6 HABITS)

Our planned values (chapter 13)

Core Reports

How We Used This. . .

This resource contains the text (without layout) from our “Core Reports.” We have our student leaders answer these questions every month to help hold them accountable to the commitments they have made.

Core Report

a personal inventory for student leaders

“Examine yourselves to see if your faith is really genuine. Test yourselves.

If you cannot tell that Jesus Christ is among you, it means you have

failed the test.”

2 Corinthians 13:5 (NLT)


 I. List five non-Christian friends you’re praying for (or need to start praying for):






II.  What is a specific area of your life where God is calling you to be evangelistic? What does your evangelism look like?

III. On your own: take some time to think about what God has done in your life. Use the testimony tool to help you write out your life story.


I. What role do you play at the Weekend Worship Service?

II. Areas of need for the Weekend Worship Service:

·          Table leaders (6:30, 9:45, 11:30)

·          Greeters (6:30, 9:45, 11:30)

·          Set Up (before 6:30)

·          Clean Up (after 6:30, 9:45, 11:30)


I. Who is your small group leader? ___________________________________________

II.  What are you doing at ABS to be a leader? What things should you be doing to help fulfill the purpose of ABS?


What action steps are you taking to grow in your faith?

What do you feel is the next step for you spiritually?


I. Why is servanthood important?

II. What ministry team are you serving on right now?  ___________________________________________

III. How would you rate yourself on the following expectations for student leaders (1-need a little help, 5-doing great)?

No Doubt: Lifestyle

Accepting of others                                                                                                              1   2   3   4   5

Accountable to another Christian                                                                                           1   2   3   4   5

Authentic and transparent                                                                                                     1