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Personal Life Mandate

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Personal Life Mandate

Biblical Purpose

I was created to live in union with God.  I, therefore, live under the loving leadership of Jesus Christ, partnering with Him in fulfilling God’s Kingdom purposes in the world.

Life Calling

My life calling is to influence local churches in growing towards greater impact as God’s central strategy for bringing redemption and reconciliation to the world.  I am called to employing my unique mix of gifts, abilities, and skills in servant-leadership for the local church. 

Committed Passions

I am devoted to guiding committed believers and interested seekers to living under the loving leadership of Jesus Christ.  I am devoted to developing and coaching leaders to confident and competent integration and employment their unique mix of gifts, abilities and skills for the purpose of partnering with God in extending Christ’s Kingdom leadership in the world.  I am devoted to contributing to teams that foster and fuel missional effectiveness for the Church.

Major Role

·         An environment in which my role will contribute leadership influence to the overall organization.

·         An environment in which my role will operate in the context of a healthy team (or teams).

·         An environment in which my role will utilize my communication strengths.

·         An environment in which my role will cultivate relationships – incorporating development and coaching of leaders and/or personnel.

·         An environment in which my role will include strategic planning.

·         An environment in which would encourage my own personal and professional development.

Unique Methodologies

Spiritual Gifts

1.      Leadership

2.      Exhortation

3.      Communication

4.      Administration

Strengths-Finder Strengths

1.      Strategic

2.      Activator

3.      Relator

4.      Self-Assurance

5.      Command

Temperament Type

1.      Extrovert

2.      Intuitive

3.      Thinking

4.      Judging

Innate Abilities

1.      Written and verbal communication

2.      Public speaking

3.      Strategic, intuitive, big-picture thinking

4.      Project or event planning

5.      Construction/building

Acquired Skills

1.      Interpersonal communication

2.      Organizational & systems management

3.      Teaching & training

4.      Research

5.      Administration

6.      Coaching, counseling, consulting

7.      Concept innovation

8.      Computer/technology

9.      Negotiating & Mediating

Primary Leadership Style

1.      Coach

Core Values

1.      Integrity & Authenticity

2.      Loyalty

3.      Honesty (Eph 4:15)

4.      Leadership

5.      Community

6.      Excellence

7.      Interdependence (1 Corinthians 12)

8.      Commitment & Faithfulness (Psalm 15:4)

9.      Life-long learning

10.  Local Church

11.  Dignity & Respect

Operating Principles

1.      In the local church, missional effectiveness rises or falls on the caliber of its leaders.

Ultimate Contribution

·         Family

o       loves Christ and one another

·         Ministry

o       Stabilizer

o       Promoter



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