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Saint Sufferer Sinner

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We need to map God’s Story in the Bible onto our Story. We need to address people as Saints, Sufferers and Sinners.

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Real Help: love, KNOW, speak, do

Saint Sufferer Sinner

May 22, 2016

Hebrews 3:12-13

How do I map the Bible to the story of life?

A Person’s Story asks and answers:

· _________________________

· What _____________________

· What is the resolution?

We need to Map God’s Story onto their story to first address:

· _________________________


· _________________________

.To Provide REAL help, we must address the:

· Saint ( )

· Sufferer ( )

· Sinner ( )


1. Memorize Hebrews 3:12-13 This week.

2. Memorize Hebrews 4:12.

3. Read 1 Peter looking for how Peter addresses us (his audience then, and we who also get to read it) as saints. Write down these passages and describe the hope and encouragement he offers because of who we are in Christ. How does that effect you?

4. Read through 1 Peter and look for suffering. How were they suffering? How did Peter comfort and encourage them in their suffering? How does this comfort you for your suffering? Does God treat suffering as minor, or does He recognize, and address it?

5. Read through 1 Peter looking for how Peter addresses us as sinners. He may not be point out specific sin, but look at the commands and the exhortations. Why do you think he is giving the exhortations he gives? What were you confronted with in your reading?

6. Consider a relationship you have. How can you use what God is showing you about who you are (saint), and what is wrong (evil from without—suffering; evil from within—sin) to encourage someone else? Is there someone who has been sharing their story with you? Map out their story using the categories: Saint, Sufferer, Sinner. Consider how God would have you address these areas before just jumping to some suggested resolution.

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