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REAL help

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We all need help. We need help because we are created to need help. God has designed us to need help from Him, and from others. As the Body of Christ, we need to provide REAL help to one another so that we will all grow to maturity in Christ.

Notes & Transcripts

1.Memorize Hebrews 3:12-13 This week.

2. Read Genesis 1-3. Consider why you do the things you do.

Do you act Dependent, or independent?

Do you Think and Interpret according to what God says, or according to another influencer?

Do you Worship Him, or yourself and other created things?

How does this affect the things you say and do?

Why do others do what they do?

3. Read 2 Corinthians 5:14-15. God’s love is a great motivator. How should we live?

4. Read Romans 11:36. Too often we want everything in life to be about us. Think about it. What motivates most everything I do? Why do I get upset? Why do I get disappointed? What do I talk about? Are self, or selfish desires a factor? If all is for His glory, or we are to live for Him, how would that change what is going on in my life today?

5. Read Ephesians 4:11-16. You are a part of the body. What does verse 16 especially have to say about the parts of the body? Does growth and maturity come by just some of the parts functioning? Do you realize that not only are you created to need help, you are created to help? In order to help, to give REAL help, what is it going to take? How are we going to give REAL help to encourage one another daily?

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