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Part 1-How would Jesus engage Kanye West or Martin Shkreli ?

Mouthpiece: What Did Jesus Say?  •  Sermon  •  Submitted   •  50:18
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There are some Christians that choose to disassociate from the openly sinful and socially despised and rejected. Do we or don't we care? If I'm seen with them will it be seen as compromising or condoning? Will I be judged by other Christians for engaging with those who reject Christ? What will people think? How do I care for them without condoning what they do? Our example has never changed, his name is Jesus. Jesus didn't allow any societal barriers to get in the way of him evangelizing or reaching out to people. As we explore how Jesus engaged the rejected, despised and religious in this 3-part series, your heart and your actions will be tested through the example of the mercy of God expressed in moments of high impact societal collisions.

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