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0249 A Living Hope 1

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Encounter Radio Outline #0249                                                                   

Air date: 12/8/02

A Living Hope – Part 1

1 Peter 1:1-13

by Dr. David L. Olford



Introduction: The Christian life is a life of hope. We are to set our hope on what God has in store for us at the end of the journey. Genuine hope is a certain expectation that guides present activities.  Christian hope is a bold assurance concerning future realities and blessings that gives direct and strength while we wait. We hope because there is Hope, and that is a wonderful truth in dark and difficult times.

Today I want us to consider the foundation and the expectation of this Living Hope.  What is the basis of our Hope?  Why should we Hope?  Then, what is it that we are actually hoping for or in?  What is the essence or substance or focus of our Christian hope?

I. The Foundation of a Living Hope (vv. 3, 10-12)


We need to be able to give a reason for the hope that is in us (1 Pet. 3:15).  There are four truths that undergird a living hope, indeed, a hope that is in us and shows itself through us.

A. The Merciful Character of God  (v. 3)

Hope really begins as we recognize afresh the mercy that has been extended by the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.

B. The New Birth Experience of the Christian  (v. 3)

God, according to His abundant mercy, has done something to us and in us that leads to this Living Hope. We have been born again. We have been given new life in Christ. This divine work of “regeneration” is a basis for understanding what God has in store for us in terms of eternal life.

C. The resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead  (1:3)

It is by means of, or “through” the resurrection of our Savior that we have a living hope. Certainly throughout the New Testament the resurrection is the event and truth pointed to as the basis of hope. Because our Lord was raised from the dead, we have hope as we await promised eternal life.

D. The prophetic witness to the salvation proclaimed in the gospel  (10-12)

Peter points to the heritage of prophetic witness, which is captured in the Old Testament Scriptures.  Because Peter emphasizes this prophetic ministry and witness, we need to see it in relation to the very foundation of the hope, the living hope he is explaining.

II. The Expectation of a Living Hope  (4-10)

What are we looking forward to?  What should be our expectation as believers?


A.     An Inheritance Reserved  (v. 4)


Peter is writing to people who are facing tough times, who may have little or no inheritance in this world. He makes it clear that there is a secure inheritance ahead. This speaks of the blessings of salvation and all of the promised realities of our eternal future because of Christ. He says:

B. A salvation to be received  (vv. 5, 9)

God’s plan of salvation is being accomplished, but it is not yet complete. Ultimate salvation is still ahead as we are rescued from this world, from the future wrath of God, and ushered into our eternal inheritance and receive the salvation of our souls. The problems, difficulties, sufferings, and persecutions we experience now cannot be compared to the salvation that we will receive.

C. A Savior Revealed  (vv. 7-8, 13)

More important than the provisions of salvation is the person of salvation, the Savior Himself.  We are looking forward with the Hope of seeing our Lord Jesus Christ Himself. He is to be revealed, and we are to receive grace when He is Revealed. What a Hope! What an Expectation

Conclusion: The foundation of this Living Hope is solid; and the expectation of this Living Hope is certain. As God’s people we thank Him for what He’s done in the past. We look to Him to strengthen us in the present. But, we hope with a Living Hope for what is ahead for us in Christ.














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