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A Life of Honor                                                                                    12 Nov 2000 OBC PM

2 Samuel 3: 17 - 21

Israel without a leader for two years

Main Idea: A person of honor is one that has a inner strength about doing what is right which the world does not have.  This person has their moral and ethical compass always on true North.  They have a fixedness of purpose in the face of opposition for the good.  Where others may take the easy roads of cynicism, selfishness, and worldly promotion, the person of honor seeks to encourage others, attain God=s will, and maintain a spiritual purpose in the face of worldly winds that seeks to blow them off course.

I see a fundamental breakdown in the concept of being a person on honor in the following places:


relationships:                 Jeff and Your speeding             Honor your wife

commitments:    seen as temporarily permanent   -(tool to get what we want)

view of self:                  Youth minister in New Orleans,         Man in Esfahan

A person of honor will:

1.  Honor the Word of God     (17 - 18)

-define: bend your theology to the Bible


-devote: follow the Word without reservation

-Sgt York


-Fred Luter and Franlin Ave

A person of honor will:

2.  Honor the Will of God    (19 - 20)

(Sovereignty:  God's choice is supreme) - election results

3 words that relate to the will of God:


-me and the military        (when we first came back to Olive)


I Peter 2: 13 - 17

-Pastors have a hard time honoring other pastors


-My brother and his job and God's call

A person of honor will:

3.  Honor the Work of God     21

-endorse and assist the worker of God

-Nimitz after Pearl Harbor

-Mark in Mississippi

-encourage and assume the work of God

-Picture from Iran

-Story of Missionary from Exp. God book   (Hudson Taylor)

Alter Call

-Word of God is followed

-Will of God is sought

-Work of God is affirmed

Mary Ironside

Medical Missionary in Persia 1903 - 1921

Daughter of Edmond and Mary Ironside

She heard the call ACome Follow@ that was all

Earth=s joy=s grew dim, for she went after Him

She rose and followed, that was all

Will you not follow if you hear the call?

David Livingstone said:

Lord, send me anywhere, only go with me.

Lay any burden on me, only sustain me.

Sever any tie, but the tie that binds me to Thyself

Hudson Taylor

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