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I AM the True Vine

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I AM the True Vine

John 15:1-8

Review & Context

V. 1—I Am the True Vine

Ø  The Vine is a common symbol of Israel

Ø  Jesus states that He is the TRUE Vine meaning that there must be a false vine.

READ Is. 5:1-7 =       Describes the state of Israel before the Messiah had come.

Ø  In his statement, Jesus is proclaiming to be the very embodiment of Israel. Not just a duplication of the Vine, but as the TRUE or PERFECTED Vine!

Ø  As the Savior, Jesus is so representative of Israel that he is identified as being the SAME AS Israel!

Ø  Everything that was wrong with Israel is now right in Christ!

V. 2-3—The Pruning Process

Ø  Jesus here is giving us an illustration of the church. Within the walls there are 3 groups of people: Christians, those who think they are, those who know they aren’t. Jesus is speaking to the first 2 groups.

Ø  The necessity of Pruning—If you don’t prune it will reduce your harvest

V. 4—How to Bear Fruit

Ø  It is only by remaining attached to the Vine that the Branches can continue to live!

Ø  What is this Fruit? Show slide

Ø  What does it mean to “Remain” It is a very powerful word in the Greek. It means to maintain on constant connection. Almost like an umbilical cord.

Ø  Once that connection is broken you are good for nothing more than firewood.

V. 5-8—Those who remain and Those who Don’t

Ø  Notice who it is that is producing the Fruit, IT IS CHRIST IN YOU! (v. 5)

Ø  He goes on to say that apart from him you can do nothing!

Ø  Compare v. 7 with the end of v. 5—if we are remaining in Christ our thoughts and desires will resemble his so much that whatever we ask for we will receive.

Ø  V. 8—We often seem to down play the idea of Good Works. Good works is NOT the way that we are saved. But we were saved FOR Good Works (Eph. 2:8-10)

INVITATION: I want to invite you tonight to abide with Jesus. To begin a relationship with the man who rescued you from your sin. AND, I am challenging you to cultivate 1 spiritual fruit in your life this week.

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