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Call The Police

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Hey mister police officer, can you hear me now? How about now?

Two Enid, Okla., men could be spending some time in the slammer after authorities listened in to a three-hour account of their alleged plans for arson during an inadvertent cell phone call to 911, The Enid News & Eagle reports.

Robert Allen Patterson and Johnny Ray Miller were charged with third-degree arson and conspiracy after one of their cell phones decided to reach out and touch someone — namely, the cops — from their pickup truck while the two sat inside for hours, allegedly discussing building a firebomb and using it to destroy a vehicle, dispatchers say.

Enid Police Department Detective Mark Pettus said that shortly after the men were heard talking about lighting up the vehicle, another call came in reporting a vehicle on fire. The vehicle's owner said the suspects might be in a brown pickup truck.

Cops, all the while monitoring the alleged arsonists' accidental call, found the pair in their pickup truck, and, since the officer's horn could be heard by those on the listening end of the line, pulled them over.

Inside they found a lighter, a claw hammer with some glass particles in it, a leather jacket that smelled like flammable liquid and the cell phone that was still connected to 911.

“They didn’t have a clue they had dialed the phone,” Pettus said. “They thought we were lying to them about the call.”


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