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Understanding The Dysfuntional Man

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Part I

A Functioning Man

Gen 1:26

I.                    What is a functioning man?

A.     Use Example of a Referencing to a Manual about a particular product (Bible)

1.      In order to understand a dysfunctional product you must first understand its intended function.

II.                 What is The Image of God and how does man reflect His image of God?

A.     God is Spirit John 4:24

1.      The Spirit that man possesses is to represent God’s image of(Gen 2:7)

2.   This breath of life is the Spirit of God produces:

a.       Holiness ( ye holy, for I am holy I Pet.1:16)

b.      Righteousness (…the Spirit is life because of righteousness. Rom. 9:10)

c.       God’s Pure Virtue/Goodness/Integrity (Eph 5:9).

d.      Fruit: Love, Joy, Peace, Longsuffering, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness, and Self-control

B.     God is a Consuming Fire  Hebrews 12:28-29

1.      This represents “The Soul of God”, his feelings of justice, judgment, morality and righteousness.

2.      Mans image of a consuming fire is shown in his zeal and passion toward the Living God. (..zeal of thine house hath eaten me up Ps. 69:9).

C.     God is Light I John 1:5,7

1.      God is the illumination of knowledge, wisdom and direction/purpose to mankind.

2.      God created man to reflect his image as children of light.

a. Children of light (I Thes. 5:5);  Father of Lights (James 1:17).

D.     God is Love I John 4:8

1.      Love is God’s ultimate expression toward man. 

2.      Man was to be the image of God’s love in the earth.

III.               Along with possessing the image of God, man was given his own projected function and/or purpose ( Gen. 1:28)

A.     Be Fruitful – Be Abundantly Productive – WORK!

B.     Multiply – Increase (in whatever respect) through the idea of projection.  The forming of a plan.  PLAN TO EXPAND (Direction)

C.     Fill the Earth – Replenish – PRO-CREATE: Family.

D.     Subdue the Earth – Yoke up w/ the earth (environment friendly).

Subject: Dominate 

E.      Take Dominion

Summary: A proper functioning man should resemble the image of God or Christ.

Part 2

Choosing a Dysfunctional Product

*Gen 3:1-6


I.                    Who was the manufacturer of your product?

A.     Most manufacturers are concern about the quality of their product, so they issue guarantees and warrantees if the product is defective they will replace it or fix it at no charge.  These Manufacturers are normally the more reputable.

1.      The first thing any cautious buyer should do is check out who is the manufacture

a. For instance: Sony (God)…Casio (Satan)

II.                 Why would someone choose a dysfunctional product?

A.     Continue with the example of a Product and Manual describing how a product should function.

III.               Why are women (people) attracted to dysfunctional men (people)? 

A.     Because they seem to appeal to our desire, taste, and/or their gratification (giving pleasure to ego-pride).

B.     James 1:14. Being drawn away by ones own desires. (Consider observation)

IV.              When Eve was tempted with the fruit it appealed to three areas of her life (read *Gen 3:1-6).  Consider observation of I John 2:16.

A.     The tree was good for food (vs. 6)

1.      DESIRE: It appeal to the craving of her flesh

a.       Lust of the Flesh

B.     It was pleasing to her eyes

1.      TASTE: She liked what she seen

a.       Lust of the eye

C.     It was desirable to make one wise

1.      GRATIFYING: It was capable of gratifying her ego

a.       Pride of life

V.                 Whom are you listening to?


A.     Rebuke (Zec. 3:2; James 4:7)

B.     Flee (Gen. 39:12; 2Tim. 2:22)

C.     Remind him of what the Word says (Luke 4:4; 4:8)

Summary:  Many men and women of God are drawn into dysfunctional relationships because they did not read or consider the spiritual manual that God left for them to follow.  They continue to choose dysfunctional mates that appeal to the lust of the flesh instead of what should appeal to the heart of their spirit.

Part 3

The Influence Women have Over Their Dysfunctional Man

Gen 3:17

I.                    Women were designed to help man ACHEIVE his destiny, NOT TO DESTROY HIS IDENTIY.

A.     Gen 2:18; Gen 1:27-28

1.      First, God saw that in order for man to function properly in his destiny (assignment) he needed a corresponding help meet.

a.       Hebrew for Meet: ayzer: means Aid: To provide what is necessary to meet an end, goal, purpose.

2.      Women were created to help man accomplish what God has destined him to become.

3.      Man and woman were to flow together in harmony; she was to help influence his destiny.

4.      Your destiny and his are ONE! (Gen2:24).  So be careful to whom you link your destiny.

5.      Do not become a distraction to your own destiny!

II.                 Women are given “assets” to assist in influence.

III.               Influence can be good or bad

A.     Sarah & Abraham

B.     Rebecca & Jacob

C.     Delilah & Samson

D.     Esther & King Ahasuerus

E.      Mary & Jesus

IV.              The main source of influence is your mouth (tongue), so what are you speaking to your destiny (mate)? (Gen 3:17).

A. James 3:10 claims that blessing & cursing comes from the same mouth.






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