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God's Grace will substain us

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Peter gives three exhortations to the saints. Peter learned that God’s grace was sufficient. He wanted the church to know that

Prop:  Realize God’s grace will sustain us!.

I.     Be Faithful (1–4)

The words “pastor” means to shepherd, to oversee, to lead

Peter knew pastors suffer, so he encouraged them in two ways:

1.     Christ had suffered for them

2.     He reminded them that glory always follows suffering.

A.     Their ministry: – Verse 2A

²  Pastors’ duties included feeding, leading, encouraging, discipling, guarding.

B.     Their motive. – Verse 2B

Pastors must serve with a willing heart

Pastors must love Christ and the people of the church.

Pastor must be willing to work.

C.     Their manner – Verse 3

Pastors should be examples

The pastor does not demand respect

He needs to live a godly life

He serves sacrificially

D. Their reward

It is more important to please God than anyone else.

Do you glorify God Christian.

II.     Be Humble (5–7)

Young people listen to me for a second

You need to follow your pastor, parents, principles and those in authority.

²  ILUS:  Job Opening “Washing feet” In the Upper Room Jesus washed the disciples’ feet. 

God fights against arrogant, self-seeking persons but gives grace to the humble

James 4:6 But he giveth more grace. Wherefore he saith, God resisteth the proud, but giveth grace unto the humble.  

“Be humbled under the mighty hand of God!”

God cares for you – Verse 7

III.    Be Watchful (8–11)

Jesus warned Peter that Satan was after him

Peter failed to listen.

Christians have “gone to sleep,” (Matt. 13:25, 39).

Satan means “one who accuses at court.”

“Devil” means “a slanderer.”

Satan accuses us before God (Job 1–2; Zech. 3:1–5; Rev. 12:10),

He uses unsaved to accuse us falsely (1 Peter 2:12; 3:16; 4:4, 14).

Satan comes to deceive; he is a liar and a murderer (John 8:44).


What can Christians do to defeat Satan?

(1) Be Alert!

Keep your eyes open and be on guard.

David relaxed and left the battle, he fell into sin (2 Sam. 11).

Peter felt confident, and fell into Satan’s trap.

(2)  Resist!

This word means standing together to oppose the enemy.

Christians must be united against Satan (Phil. 1:27–30).

(3)  Believe!

We must resist him in the faith,

Satan uses lies as his chief weapon,

The believer must use God’s truth.

Jesus used the sword of the Spirit in the wilderness (Matt. 4).

(4) Remember!

1.     Remember Christians are going through the same trials

2.     Remember you are not alone.

God is the God of all grace!

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