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Hannah's Self-Sacrifice

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Hannah’s Self-Sacrifice

Character Study

Text:  Samuel 1:1-19


1.      Hannah first appears in Samuel 1.

a.      The time is near the end of the difficult period of the judges of Israel.

b.       That was a time of moral and religious degeneracy and political confusion and distress.

c.       With the death of Samson, Israel was leaderless and vulnerable to her enemies, the Philistines.

d.       The nation needed a great leader and a great man, and God needed a great woman, a godly mother, to shape that man.

e.      Samuel was the man, and Hannah was the godly mother who, with God’s help, influenced his character.[1]

2.      Hannah is a bible picture to us of a godly woman.

a.      Our times today are confusing morally, politically and spiritually.

b.       We need godly men to lead in our homes, governments and churches.

c.       We need women like Hannah who will promise God to raise a godly generation to his glory and honor.

d.       Hannah’s life is an example of suffering and sacrifice, but with a happy ending!

3.      Hannah had three right relationships in her life that made her a godly wife and mother.

a.      Are you willing to make the self-sacrifice needed to raise a godly generation.

b.       Are women too interested in careers and power to accept the highest calling of God to a Christian women – Motherhood!

c.       Look to Hannah’s example to teach you to be a godly wife and mother.

I.       Hannah’s Right Relationship with her Husband.


1.      Hannah was the first of two wives, but she was childless.

2.      Elkanah probably took a second wife for practical and cultural reasons – he wanted/needed offspring for his heritage.

3.      God never intended for men to have more than one wife. It usually does NOT work.

4.      Despite the emotional pressure Hannah maintained a healthy relation with Elkanah.

A.      Worshipped with him.

1.      Having a godly jusband made it much easier for Hannah to raise a son who also followed God.

2.      Pray for your husband.

a.       For his spiritual leadership

b.       For his relationship with you, your children and with God.

B.      Loved by him.

1.      Hannah found her security and comfort in her husband.

2.      Give yourself to your husband. Let God’s love be in you as an example and blessing to your husband.

C.     Encouraged in him.

1.      Elkanah new of the anguish of Hannah and he encouraged her with his love and sympathy.

2.      Hannah recognized Elkanah as the man God had brought to her. She knew that God would be the only one to open her womb. She did not blame Elkanah.

II.    Hannah’s Right Relationship with God.


1.      Hannah realized she needed to take her problem of childlessness straight to God.

2.      By immediately putting the problem in a spiritual perspective Hannah displayed six godly virtues.

A.      Hannah had a passion for the Lord’s best.

B.      Hannah was a woman of prayer

1.      Perpetual prayer.

2.      Pain in prayer.

3.      Purpose in prayer.

C.     Hannah was a woman of promise

D.     Hannah was pure woman

E.      Hannah had patient faith.

F.      Hannah was a woman of praise and gratitude.

1.      Praising God for giving her heart’s desire.

2.      Praising God for silencing her adversary.

III. Hannah’s Right Relationship in her Home.

A.      She was dedicated to providing a good environment for her son to grow up.

B.      She was committed to teaching her son the truths of God (Deut. 6:6-9)

C.     She sought only to give her only son away to God.


1.      Hannah never let go of her responsibility to Samuel

2.      She was always faithful in her relationship with Elkanah and the Lord.

The hope for society rests on the next generation, and what that next generation will be like depends a great deal on the present actions of godly mothers. Hannah is certainly a role model of godly motherhood and an excellent example of one who walked in the footsteps of faith.[2]

Church City State Date:
Grace Church Ladies Fellowship Tien Mu Taiwan 26 Oct 2007


[1]MacArthur, John: In the Footsteps of Faith : Lessons from the Lives of Great Men. electronic ed. Wheaton, IL : Crossway Books, 1998, S. 53

[2]MacArthur, John: In the Footsteps of Faith : Lessons from the Lives of Great Men. electronic ed. Wheaton, IL : Crossway Books, 1998, S. 62

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