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Drifting From Safety

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There was a man whom visited the beach for the very first time.

He spent hours enjoying the sounds and colors the beach offered, he enjoyed the sand and water as well, but after the fun he wanted to relax so, he laid in an inner-tube in the water.

Little did he know he began to drift away from the peace and safety he first enjoyed. The small tides which were not noticeable to the eyes and moved him further and further from shore.

When the man opened his eyes he realized he had drifted to far.

At first the man tried by his own means to touch the bottom, but he was able to. No matter how many things the man tired to do, he just couldn't make it back to shore.

It was then that his eyes were opened and he started to panic. He knew that the only way to get back to safety was to call for help. He then called on the only one who could save him, the only one who was able to bring him back into the fold.

We are sometimes like that man when we slowly begin to accept and move away from the solid foundation found in the Word of God. If we continue on this path we begin to drift away, little by little from the shore where Christ is.

Story written by and belongs to Raffaele Paglialunga -

Those who wish to use the story must seek permission by the author.

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