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A Practical Definition of Faith

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“I boldly pursue what God calls me to do believing His purpose is true and is wise.”

A practical definition of Hebrews 11 faith:

Abraham’s faith was tested in four ways:

  1. He went to a land without knowing WHERE he was going.
  2. He stayed in the land without experiencing WHEN it would be his.
  3. He and Sarah gave birth to a son without knowing HOW it could happen.
  4. He offered up Isaac as a sacrifice not knowing WHY God would require such an action.

It is not wrong to ask questions when God’s way makes no sense.
It is wrong though to allow those questions to stop us from obeying God’s commands.

The following is a new hymn that springs from Hebrews 11:8-19.


When God leads down the darkest paths that bring distress to me
I’m tempted then to doubt Him and to think the worst about Him.
No gracious God can manifest His wisdom from on high
Or demonstrate His perfect love if I require “why”.

The yielding of my stubborn will enabled me to see
Those questions that perplexed me were His loving gifts to test me.
No power of God can be displayed if I require “how”,
Nor can I sense His providence when I want my way now.

So led by faith in God, who reigns, I consciously aspire
Within this trying hour just to trust His love and power.
No promised land is mine to gain if I require “where,”
With confidence I own that place God says He will prepare.


Faith does not fret o’er the wheres and the whens,
Nor does it bow to the hows and the whys.
I boldly pursue what God calls me to do
Believing His purpose is true and is wise.

Last Chorus:

God comprehends all the wheres and the whens;
He holds the keys to the hows and the whys.
‘Tis reason to rest in His powerful hands
And trust Him to lead me with unfailing eyes.

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