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You have probably figured it out by now, I like technology…. Well, let me re-phrase that, I like technology as long as it works, or I know how to fix it.  Maybe you are the same as me.  As long as something is working ok, then I can enjoy it.  But let my car break down, my computer lock up and give me the infamous “blue-screen”, of even worse that that, I truly despise it when the outboard motor on my little fishing boat goes on the fritz – because that means that I am going to have to paddle back!

I was thinking about those sorts of things this afternoon because I am struggling with my computer at the office; and I was thinking about our struggles with the things that are supposed to satisfy us and give us “more valuable time back, if we will just use them”.  I have decided that the whole idea of something, other than Jesus satisfying us and meeting our needs is absurd. 

Can we talk?  Honestly, your car is going to break down, your roof is going to leak, your checking account is going to get out of balance, but we have One who will always be the same, who has called us into a relationship with Him.  He never fails.  He will not let you or me down.  He always lives to intercede before our Heavenly Father on our behalf.  Jesus just simply never fails!  I do realize that life doesn’t always feel that way… you know, you have those feelings of aloneness, or of somehow failing to live moment by moment in the warmth of the love of Christ, but even in those hard and lonely times, Jesus has not and will not fail us.  The older I get, the more experiences I have as a pastor, and a human being, the more certain that Romans 8:28 is simply the truth. 

The other day I was reviewing the curriculum plan for Children’s Church (there is more about that on another page in the newsletter), and I was thinking about the fact that the materials have only two weeks on the life of Joseph.  My first response was, how can you possibly talk about Joseph for only two weeks, and teach the truths of God’s providence and how Jesus satisfies all of our needs, no matter what our circumstances.  Then I remembered, we are talking about Children’s Church…. But the point is still valid.  We should look at all of life, and answer the world’s questions and dissatisfaction with the truth that Jesus is the only one that will truly satisfy all our longings.  Remember what the philosopher Kant said?  He suggested that every man has a “God shaped hole” in his life; and that we try to fill that hole with everything else but God, only nothing but God will satisfy.  We are like kindergartners putting round pegs in square holes.

Are you like the Rolling Stones song “Can’t Get No Satisfaction”, or have you discovered the truth that satisfaction is in Jesus Christ alone?  Technology, autos, houses, finances, boats,  health, relationships,  those are all round pegs that will not satisfy for eternity.  Let’s agree together that we will all “fix our eyes on Jesus” and let Him be our satisfaction more than anything else.

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