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Are You Gorilla Acting?

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The story is told of a man who was running a zoo which had a very active Gorilla and demonstrating lion. The Gorilla particularly attracted so many visitors and of course was a money spinner for the owner. One day, the Gorilla died. The Zoo keeper carefully skinned the gorilla and dried the skin. One afternoon, a young school leaver job seeker called at the zoo asking for a vacancy. The Zoo keeper looked him over and felt he was the same size as his dead gorilla. So he told the job-seeker, the only vacancy I have is for Gorilla-acting. The young man felt it was better than walking the streets. So he was trained in the tricks of the gorilla and then dressed in the skin of the gorilla. He was a perfect match. Once again, the zoo-was bustling with visitors coming to see the gorilla. One day as the gorilla was dangling from one tree branch to another, the branch broke and he saw himself falling into the Lion’s den. He shouted as he fell down. The Lion rushed to him and whispered into his ear; “stop shouting otherwise I will be forced to do my work as a lion!” It was then that the young man discovered that even the lion was acting. So many of us are just gorilla-acting!

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