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by the power of Christ

Matthew 8:1-4

I. How should I react to my need? (1-2)

1. Seize the opportunity: (1)

2. Step out in faith: (2a)

3. Submit to Christ’s authority: (2b)

4. Surrender to Christ’s sovereignty: (2c)

5. Show authentic faith: (2d)

6. Seek complete cleansing: (2d)

II. How will Christ reply to my plea? (3-4)

1. He will receive me: (3a)

2. He will respond sympathetically: (3b)

3. He will reveal God’s will: (3c)

4. He will release Divine Power: (3d)

5. He will renew my condition: (3e)

6. He will require my obedience: (4)

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