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Luke 4 The Temptation and Early Ministry of Jesus

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Subject: Beginning of Jesus's Earthly Ministry

1. Luke 4:1-13 Temptation of Jesus

1. Subject: Jesus was tempted by Satan

2. Objective: To qualify Jesus as the High Priest according to the line of Melchezedek.

1. This event helped prepare Jesus for ministry. Moses went through a type of preperation as well. Hebrews 11:24-26.

3. To show that temptation can be overcome in the power of the Holy Spirit.

1. We see the importance of the Holy Spirit in Jesus' life in all aspects.

1. Incarnation Heb. 10:5

2. Birth Matt. 1:18

3. Growth Lu. 2:40,52

4. Temptation Lu. 4:14

5. Ministry Lu 4:18,19

6. Miracles Matt. 12:28

7. Death Heb. 9:14

8. Resurrection Rom. 8:11

2. Luke 4:14-15 The Acceptance of Jesus Throughout Galilee

1. Subject: Jesus ministered in the Spirit

2. Objective: He taught the people and was glorified

1. Notice here the relationship between Jesus and the Holy Spirit now. He went through Galilee in the power of the Spirit.

3. Luke 4:16-30 Rejection at Nazareth

1. Subject: Jesus was rejected in is hometown

2. Objective: Showing that sometimes those who are closest to you, will reject the truth that you have to offer.

1. Jesus quotes to sections of scripture from the Old Testament that shows rejection from those who should have wanted God's healing:

1. Elijah only being sent to Zarephath in Sidon; and many lepers who were in Israel during the time of Elisha but only Naaman was healed.

4. Luke 4:31-37 Demons are Cast Out

1. Subject: Jesus casted out demons in His ministry

2. Objective: Jesus has power over the spirtual world with the power of the Holy Spirit.

5. Luke 4:38 -39 Peter's Mother-in-Law Healed

1. Subject: Jesus healed physically

2. Objective: Ministering in the Holy Spirit Jesus had power over natural physical illness

6. Luke 4:40-43 Jesus Minister's Throughout Galilee

1. Subject: Purpose of Jesus's ministry

2. Objective: To tell that the reason Jesus was sent was to preach the kingdom of God.

1. Isn't this our purpose too? No matter what spiritual gifts God has given us and no matter how amazing those things are, the true purpose always is to be preaching the gospel of the kingdom of God.

Objective: To show that Jesus overcame temptation and ministered in the power of the Holy Spirit, yet His true purpose for all of it was to preach the kingdom of God.

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