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Christ VS Caesar

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Christ VS Caesar

Matthew 22:15-22

The people of God have always problems in this materialistic word and with its leaders. Most of the world ruled by non-believes that do not like Christians and the Bible. Even the Western countries, so-called Christians are also for away from the teachings of Christ. Those who are true believes of Christ have real problems to encounter the laws and rules of the leaders. We, Christians are in two Kingdoms: Christ’s Kingdom and Caesar’s Kingdom.

CAESAR: The kingdom of Caesar’s is the worldly order and it is sinful and for away from the teachings of Christ and His word. The leaders are so selfish, moneymakers and murders. They do all kinds of things to get into power. However, they are lawmakers of the nations and suppose to do good to all people.

When the time of Prophet Samuel, the people of Israel asked him to select a king for them as other nations had. Samuel knows that they were rejecting God as their King and Ruler and wanted worldly order of kings (1 Samuel 8:6-7). In this way, Christians have worldly leaders who set rules and laws to benefit the people, and spiritual King God to rule our minds. Our heavenly King gives them authority to the rulers us and we suppose to obey them (Romans 13:10).

CHRIST: When we think about our ruler Christ, He is our Savior and the Savior of the world. He is our spiritual ruler and the rulers of our minds. His kingdom is in our hears and in our characters. He guides us and protects us from all worldly orders and dangers from them. Because He is in control and He controls all. He is wise and He gives wisdom to encounter the wicked and cruel leaders to answer them. He gave an example: “Give to Caesar that belongs to Caesar’s and to God what is God’s” (Matt22:21).

CHRISTIANS: We are living in these two kingdoms: Spiritual and Worldly. We must obey the rules and laws of the land by following Christ and His word. Christ taught us forgiveness and patience. Christ gave us courage and wisdom to encounter the world. We should pray for them and honor them (Rom 13:2).

The Pharisees send some innocent people to trap Jesus by asking Him a question. Finally, they were all amazed by His answer. We, Christians do same thing. God gives us wisdom to answer them wisely. Wise as serpents and innocent us doves.

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