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Much Obliged, Lord

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Fulton Oursler learned to thankful from a black lady who helped care for him when he was a little boy. Every time she sat down to eat, she bowed her head and said, "Much obliged, Lord." Oursler asked her why she did this. the food was there for her to enjoy whether she gave thanks or not. She replied, "Sure, we get our vittles, but it makes everything taste better to be grateful." Many years later Oursler stood at the bedside of that woman as she lay dying. Seeing her in much pain, he wondered if she still could find something to be grateful for. Just then she opened her eyes. Whens he saw him and the others gathered around, she folded her hands and said with a smile, "Much obliged, Lord, for such fine friends."

Our Daily Bread, Fall 1997, November 24

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