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Two Opposite Actions

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Two Opposite Actions

Matthew 21:28-32

Some people’s words and actions go in opposite directions. They say ‘YES’ and in actions go in a different way. Some say, ‘NO’ but they change their minds to ‘YES’ direction.

In this text Matthew 21:28-32 they authority of Jesus was questioned by the Jewish leaders. However, this question was turned over to their words and actions.

Many of us sons like the first son of this man as in the parable of Jesus. In their words, they are arrogant and try to not obey their parents. Soon after some time they considered the love of their parents and do not hurt their feelings, and change their minds and obey them.

God likes these kinds of people. In Ezekiel 18:27, God says, “ When a wicked person turns away from the wickedness he committed and does what is just and right, he shall save his life.”

Jesus said, the publicans and harlots go into the kingdom of before the Jewish leaders for they believed John the Baptist and repented from their sins. However, they did not follow the Law of Moses all their lives. God likes those who repent from their sins.

Some Christians live like the leaders of Jews in the time of Jesus, they obey the Law of Moses but rejected the salvation message of John and Jesus. With their traditions and good pious Christian life, they would like to enter in the eternal life. Moreover, they do not want repent their daily sins before God They say ‘yes’ to pious Christian life but ‘no’ to get forgiveness of their daily sins from God and reject the true salvation message of the Gospel. Their words and actions go in the opposite directions. Those who obey and follow the Gospel of Christ and his saving knowledge will enter in the eternal life.

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