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The Father's Business

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The Father’s Business NV 4/21/02AM

OS: A Fishing Yesterday (turtle, snake, frogs, fish)

I.      A big fishing trip, in the mind of young boys, illustrates in a way our lesson this morning.

A.   Focus – You determine you’re going to do something. “Must” do.

B.    Ambition – “not selfish”  Catch some fish, or anything else that moves.

C.   Sacrifice to do it. – “These kids don’t even eat when they fish!

II.   Jesus was a fisherman, and He solicited fishermen. And He calls for people who love to fish today.

A.   If Jesus were here in the flesh today…. “follow me”

B.    He would put enthusiasm in our hearts to do what He was doing.

C.   Eventually we’d love Him so much we’d give our lives to do it.

D.   B Hebrews 138 Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.

III.           Today I want you to see where we are as a church, what Jesus has called us to do, and what it’s going to take to get the Father’s business done!

A.   “Wait! What about all my problems?” You work your problems out when you’re devoted to the Father’s business.

B.    “Wait! What about some how to lesson on raising a family, or making marriage work, or building lasting relationships.” When you’re about the Father’s business your in the people business – especially the people in your home, and those close to you.

C.   Let’s start in Luke 2 and go to Luke 5

C Luke 249 “Why were you searching for me?” he asked. “Didn’t you know I had to be in my Father’s house?”

I.      D There is one thing that is capturing the complete attention of Jesus even as a young boy – The Father’s Business.

A.   You are never too young or too old to have focus!

                 1.            Give 7 year old a Game Boy … focus.

                 2.            Focus is where power comes from – “Did you hear about the truck that burned up because of the triangle glass ornament hanging from his mirror?”

B.    Jesus is focused on the Father’s business and nothing else. God was #1 in His young life.

                 1.            “δει”     = Must!!!!!

                 2.            “This is who I am, and this is what I am here on this earth to do!”

                 3.            The interesting thing is that Jesus passes that along to His disciples.

C.   E F G Luke 5:1-11 “From now on you will catch men”

                 1.            The Father’s business has to do with people.

                 2.            Imagine how hard these men had been fishing…focus.

                 3.            “You are going to have that same kind of focus, but you’re going to be in the people business rather than the fish business.

D.   When you become a disciple of Jesus you’re entire focus in life is devoted to the Father’s business – in other words you are devoted to people.

                 1.            As Jesus’ church we are in the people business!

                 2.            Heaven bound community of people helping people.

TS] This brings us to point #2 which has to do with ambition. (a desire to accomplish) When Jesus calls you He calls you to a focus on the Father’s business, which provides ambition to accomplish.

II.   H When you become His disciple your ambitions change.

A.   Worldly ambitions are sometimes ruthless.

Years ago, the story goes, a San Diego bank hired a private investigator to track down a bank robber and retrieve stolen funds. The search led to Mexico. The investigator crossed the border and then, realizing he would need a Spanish interpreter, opened up the telephone book and hired the first interpreter listed in the Yellow Pages.

After many days, he finally captured the bandit and, through the interpreter, asked him, "Where did you hide the money?" In Spanish, the thief replied, "What money? I have no idea what you're talking about."

With that, the investigator drew his pistol, pointed it at the suspect, and said to the interpreter, "Tell him that if he doesn't tell me where the money is, I will shoot him where he stands."

Upon receiving this message, the bank robber said to the interpreter, "Señor, I have hidden the money in a coffee can, under the fourth floorboard, in the second-floor men's room of the Palacio Hotel on Via Del Rio in La Paz."

"What did he say?" the investigator asked the interpreter.

"Señor," said the interpreter as he thought for a moment, "he says he is prepared to die like a man!"

B.    Because your focus is on the Father’s business your ambition is no longer on self or things or even money.

                 1.            Suddenly your ambition has to do with other people.

                 2.            (Selfish ambition? – in a way)

                 3.            Do something to have an eternal effect on someone’s life and you’ve really made your life count!

C.   A focus on the Father is fine, but everything gets complicated when we focus on the Father’s business.

                 1.            Now our ambition takes us into the lives of people, and that just creates all kinds of challenges.

                 2.            “If it wasn’t for all them people everything would be all right at church…”

D.   This leads us to point #3, because Jesus never said people fishing was going to be easy.

III.           I The Father’s business is a Challenging business!

A.   It is hard for a church to be about the Father’s business.

                 1.            Two fellows on the park bench – “Strange people” – “yep, … you a little strange yourself.”

B.    When a church is about the Father’s business it is always changing. Every new person changes the church.

                 1.            Every new person doesn’t think like all the rest.

                 2.            Sometimes, even those that have been around a long long time don’t think like all the rest.

C.   One primary necessary ingredient to be a church about the Father’s business.

                 1.            J Love

                 2.            Unity cannot exist without love.

                 3.            The Father’s business cannot operate without love.

                 4.            We cannot be understanding and tolerant of our differences without love.

                 5.            Only with love can I K 3 Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit, but in humility consider others better than yourselves. 4 Each of you should look not only to your own interests, but also to the interests of others. (Phil. 2)

D.   Jesus never told His disciples, “you come follow Me and you will be comfortable.”

                 1.            As we grow as a church let us love and be unified beyond our differences, and agree to be uncomfortable when called upon for the sake of the Father’s business.

                 2.            2 Services

A Great Commitment to the L Great Commandment and the M Great Commission will build a Great Church.

N Love for God, and Love for People – That is what it takes to be about the Father’s business.

Our task as a church is to be about the Father’s business.

People business – salvation for the lost regardless of the cost.

Where are we as a church?

That is why we are willing to go to two services.

That is why we are willing to work hard on an education program to teach our children to know Jesus.

That is why we have small groups so we can really be the church and fellowship and minister to each other on a deeper level.

We are willing to have a special bible 101 class for unchurched people…

Climbing on the back of a wild horse in the middle of an open field.

Jesus is calling you

          Heal your hurts,

          By changing the focus of your life and giving you some real ambition to do something with your life that counts.

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