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Abundance Blessings

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Abundance Blessings Text: Matthew 14:13-21

Introduction: Even it’s a great miracle, Matthews put it in a very short form. We can read more in the Gospel of John (6:1-13) keeping some characters, Philip, Andrew and a small boy. Moreover, rest of the story is same. All four Gospels covered this story as a great miracle of Jesus.

Needs of People: What must a leader should think of a community in which he is living. If you want to be a leader, you must know your people best and their needs. The disciples of Jesus whom Jesus has chosen to be leaders of his believers are failed to find out these needs. Do you remember in what situation did Jesus perform this miracle? He heard John the Baptist’s death and he was upset but still he knew that he has more responsibility on people to take care of them. When people followed him with their spiritual hunger,

If you really hunger for word and sacraments as your spiritual food you must go for them find them where they are. Jesus knows their spiritual food and their physical food. His disciples want them to go and buy but Jesus said feed them freely. With a small amount of food, he fed them, with money and without going out to a big town.

Prayer of Jesus: It happened only with the prayer of Jesus Christ. Jesus teaches his disciple, nothing impossible for prayer. What he did in this miracle? He took that small amount of food, he lifted us his eyes to heaven, that to God, he gave thanks. Its not a big prayer, he said common thanksgiving prayer at the food table. Everyday we thank the Lord for placing food before us. How big prayer we need that time? We know we do not like some one saying a big prayer on the food time. Jesus knows this, but some pastors do not understand this situation and take the chance to expand all their language and theology at that time. With a simple and with a very common prayer Jesus did this miracle. God blessed this small amount of food and blessed it abundantly. His concern and compassion to the people made this possible. God knows our hearts, some pastors and preachers wants do with their glory. If we have concern and compassion on people

God will bless our work.

Blessed abundantly: We sing ‘showers of blessings’, we believe God will give blessings abundantly. Do you know how much blessings Jesus got here in this miracles. 5000 just men eat this food apart from women and children. Moreover, 12 baskets of food was left over. With a small amount of food, Jesus did this miracle with a small common prayer.

Conclusion: Unbelievable. No wonder, the Herod was afraid of Jesus for he was doing great miracle before people, so he thought that John the Baptist raised from the death. The leaders of Jews had hard time to digest. This miracle had happened other side of the lake Galilee. We believe it that Jesus could do this for us today too.

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