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An Easy Yoke

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·There is no way we can have an easy yoke.

·Eastern country formers know much about yoke. What is a yoke, how it works and which is a good easy yoke.

·Only animals can handle yokes, humans cannot handle yokes unless some one has punish for his punishments.

·Then we can divide two kinds of yokes: Iron and wooden.

Iron Yoke:

·As we know, the iron yoke is not common. It is made for only for terrible criminals.

·Rehabam, son of Solomon wanted to give heavy burdens called iron yoke. 2 Chronicles 10:11.

·Acts 10:10 Law of Moses, called it heavy yoke on gentiles Christians.

·An iron yoke means where people suffer under there cruel governments.

·Sin and worldly burdens are called heavy yoke. Satan gives this heavy yoke who are under his service.

·We can not come out of it with our won strength, We need Christ’s help and his sacrifice on the Cross for us.

Wooden Yoke:

·Commonly used yoke in forming and carrying bullock cots.

·Humans can not handle this yoke but this is made for animals. Especially for bulls.

·Gal 5:1 Christ has redeemed us from the yoke of sin.

·How does Jesus makes our yoke easy?

·Yokes has two ends, two bullocks are arranged to carry from each ends.

·Jesus comes to take our burden with us carrying one end with us.


·Our yokes are not easy to carry, worldly burdens, sins and laws. Jesus makes them easy by helping us to carry other end.

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