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Love towards Jesus

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·We are asked to love Jesus more than anyone else.

·We love our children, spouse, parents and relatives without any requests.

·They are always with us and blood connection and visually.

·However, how can we love Jesus, who are un-seen and un-visually.

·Now we can think of two kinds of love: natural love, divine love.

Natural Love:

·Common love is in all creatures. God gave us this love from the beginning of the creation.

·Natural love is normal and temporally.

·Some time we hate each other, Example: Yesu and Jocob.

·Selfish love, seek and expect from others.

·We show this love by giving gifts and others. Those are materialistic and we loose them.

Divine Love:

·Bible says God loved us first even though we are un-worthy.

·God’s love is selfless; he gave all to us, even His only Son.

·The proof His love is seen on the Cross. Christ died for our sins, still we are sinners.

·Now Jesus asking us to love Him more than all. Did he ask us to leave our parents, spouse and relatives?

·In Luke 14:26, the word Jesus used, ‘hate’ our relatives.

·This qualifies us to be his true disciples of Christ.

·The new converters have faced this problems with their parents and relatives. They are thrown away from homes and towns. They are left their families for Christ sake.

·We are asked to put Christ first, and His Church first.


·If we love Jesus, we need to leave our natural love for Him.

·If you love Jesus the natural love is also follows.

·Jesus loves with us in all our natural love. Amen.

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