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The Day of Pentecost

Acts 2:1-21



Understanding about the Holy Spirit is not easy. We need to have the spirit of understanding with God's spirit.

How did He come on to the earth? Why He came to us?

Acts of Apostles say that He came to this world, as wind, as fire, water, meas as Tornado? or wild fire? Flood?Did He come for destruction? Not at all. The question is “what this means to us?”

The Spirit of God:

Many times the Holy Spirit is called in the Old Testament, The spirit of God. (Joel 2:28, Zechariah 12:10)

God’s spirit is powerful than any other spirit and powers. No one can against His spirit. The Spirit can work for Him and does His work.

At the time of creation this Spirit worked for Him and did His creatures and creation.

God’s spirit works among His people, through the prophets and His servants.

The Spirit destroyed His enemies on earth to make His path ready and run smoothly.

No enemy can stand against Him, and one can stand on His ways.

The Spirit of Christ:

There is little difference between God’s spirit and Christ’s spirit.

Paul uses this term many times in his letters with the character of Jesus Christ. (Gal 4:6)

This resembles Christ, His love, nature, suffering, self denial, forgiveness, braveness, and helpful. This spirit lives in us and in our hearts.

Holy Spirit:

Holy Spirit is a person and past of the Tri-Une God, called “Trinity”.

This name is used first time by Tertulian in the third century from the Latin language.

He descended on earth on the Day of Pentecost in the first century. Christ’s Church was started by His coming. This church is called the Body of Christ.

Holy Spirit gives us different works and talents to benefit of the Church. We are His mouths, and hands to the will of God on earth.

He is the “paracletos” comforter to be with us all ways in teaching the truth, to encounter sufferings with brave.


People asked in the Day of Pentecost, what does this means?.

Now we understand the meaning of His coming like wind and fire. We all should receive the Holy Spirit, and honor Him and worship Him. Amen.

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