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Jesus likened doing the will of the Father to eating. John 4:32 - But he said to them, “I have food to eat that you do not know about.” How often have we men skipped a meal to serve Christ? Better yet how many of us men would answer that question honestly? I know I have skipped too many opportunities to serve Jesus because I was stuffing my face. Too many times chasing after a meal or preferring to eat instead of committing to prayer or proclaiming the Gospel.

Food is enjoyable to the most of us. We grill it, steam it, bake it (ok not so much), and we cook the food. There are whole TV networks presenting food and teaching us new ways to prepare and deliver it. It is easy to say that in America for certain food is a major daily item that is hardly denied by those with the resources to have it. I know one could say differently but then we could look at the obesity problem in this country alone. That is another subject though.

Could doing the will of God be just as enjoyable? Could fasting and praying bring nourishment, could sharing the gospel and setting people free from bondage be greater than eating? Jesus indicated that both the enjoyment of and the nourishment provided by doing the will of the Father were as important to Him as food. Think of it! To do God's will is as much of a necessity in our lives as our need to eat!!

Jesus was saying in effect, "What really makes me tick, what keeps me up at night, what is more important than food itself is pleasing my Father." Men can we honestly sit here and say the same thing? When was the last time you stayed up at night seeking God for your family? When was the last time we chose to serve God over eating a meal? How often throughout our days men can we say pleasing the Father is more important to me than anything else? I know I need to repent, I know I need to submit and trust God to put this relationship we have in proper perspective.

It is time men for us to kneel down and get things right with the Lord! The Bible goes on to say in John 4:35 that the harvest is ripe and ready. Are we going to continue stuffing our faces with food while we separate ourselves from our families with our 'man caves'? Are we going to continue chasing after the lusts of the flesh? Or Men are we going to kneel down, repent, turn from our wickedness and allow God to draw all men unto Himself through us? Will we turn and gain the proper perspective?

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