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Delighting In Love - 2nd December 2001

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Song of Solomon 1v1-7

Delighting In Love


Come to a book that is not often preached on but it ought to be because of the truth it reveals. We see here what true marriage should be like.

“God has placed this Song in the Canon in order to teach us the purity and sanctity of that estate of marriage which He Himself has established. When we read the Song of Solomon, our hearts will be purer, and we shall realise all the more the heinousness of that temptation which would lead to unfaithfulness among those who are married. Since the purpose of the book is not mere entertainment, but is ethical and didactic, we may understand why God has given it to us. For even the faithful servant of the Lord is tempted to break the seventh commandment. In the polygamous ancient world and in the sophisticated modern world, unfaithfulness may easily be regarded as something light and trivial. But when we occidentals turn from the callous sinfulness of our daily world and carefully read the oriental imagery of this portion of Holy Scripture, we are blessed, and we are helped. So long as there is impurity in the world, we need, and need badly, the Song of Solomon.   E J Young

Three main ways it which it has been interpreted.

Allegorical — Entirely figurative, not historical.

Naturalistic — No typical or figurative meaning at all. Shows the beauty and goodness of physical love.

Historical — Is speaking of real people and real events but with clear suggestion of spiritual truth.

“The songs should be treated then, first as simple and yet sublime songs of human affection. When they are thus understood, reverently the thoughts way be lifted into the higher value of setting forth the joys of the communion between the spirit of man and the Spirit of God, and ultimately between the Church and Christ.”   Dr G Cambell Morgan

1.      The Book and the Author v1

Three main sections

Courtship 1v1 – 3v5

The Wedding 3v6 – 5v1

Married Life 5v2 – 8v14

2.      Her Desire v2

a.      The King

b.      Love

3.      Her Lover v3

a.      His Fragrance

b.      His Name

c.      His Reputation

4.      Her Commitment v4

a.      Urgency

b.      Rejoicing


5.      Her Apprehension v5-6

a.      Confusion v5

b.      Concern v6

6.      Her Determination v7

a.      Shepherd

b.      Veiled


We have a glorious bridegroom, we must rejoice in him.

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