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Rewards of Rejection

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Rewards of Rejection

New Hope B.C.

November 19, 2006

9:30 a.m.

Text: John 4:


Degradation of Rejection  

Destruction of Rejection  

Deprivation of Rejection  


    Rejection has never been a pleasant experience to the one being rejected.  The very term ‘rejection’ has a negative connotation.  It has an air of finality to it.  It can lead one to believe that there is no way out or any possibility of turning things around.

    The first rejection that we know of is that of Adam.  God clearly gave Adam instructions about the trees in the Garden; those that were good to eat and the one that was forbidden.  Adam made a conscience decision to reject the instructions of God when he chose Eve and her enticement to partake of the forbidden fruit over the instructions of God.  Man has rejected the Law and the wisdom of God ever since. 

    Rejection of persons can take on many forms.  We can reject others with a look.  I’m not sure how long ago it was that the dreaded ‘hand’ can into play, but the simple raising of the hand with the fingers spread can reject a word before it is even uttered.  Ideas are rejected within circles of friends and businesses everyday.  In one way or another and at one time or another every person has or will be rejected in life. 

No rejection on a personal level ever seems good.  It is precisely this aspect of rejection that we will explore within our text today.  We will see the Degradation of Rejection; the Destruction of Rejection and the Deprivation of Rejection.  The truth that we will uncover is that while there is certainly no reward of rejection, there can be reward in rejection.

    Much has been said about the woman at the well.  She is not unlike many women today who have believed that a certain man will meet all of their needs.  Let me quickly add that men are not exempt from this belief, for many have put their full trust and dreams into the deceiving hands of a certain woman.

    This unnamed woman at the well and many of us today have probably been recipients of a Quick-Fix, simple solution to many of life’s needs and have been left with a lowered self-esteem because of them.

    The story is told about a woman whose car was stalled.  She flagged down another driver for help.  She explained that she could not start it, but that her husband said to ‘just jiggle the wire on the battery and it will work’.  The other driver explained that the cable was too loose and with the proper tools he could tighten them.  She insisted that just a jiggle would work to which he replied ‘that would only be a Quick-Fix, but with a wrench and a couple of minutes he could solve the problem for good’. 

    Like that woman, many of us have tried to get quick fixes from God.  We want Him to just jiggle the wire and get us out of a mess, quick.  But God does not want to just jiggle our wires.  He wants to reconnect us.

    The woman at the well had been looking for love in all the wrong places.  She had experienced one quick fix after another.  In the process of her search, her search to fill a thirst that no man had been able to seal, she had experienced the Degradation of Rejection.

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