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What Praises Can Do

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The word Praise maens to show approval of or admiration for somebody or something. Praise is how to express thanks & respect to God. David knew what the meaning and the power praise carry, He commited himself as an instrument to praise God for the rest of his life. No wonder books of psalms keep on saying: "praise the Lord". Praise is a skillful words that provoke God to do beyond our expectation. In the days of Jehoshaphat three kings in three diffrence kingdom raise against Jehoshaphat king of Judah. He was afraid to war with them, because the hand of one nation is the same as three nations. He had to seek the presence of the Lord, to give Him thanks & praise for what He did the past in the red sea. 2Chronicles20:5-13. 1 Praises can destroy your enemies vs22 . 2 Praises can restore your lost items Joel2:25. 3 Praises make your emenies to be at peace with you. Proverbs16:7 Haggai2:9. 4 Praise gives protection in the way of fortune Ezra8:21-23. The present of God shall go with you asU choose to praise to God

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