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It is a good thing to give thanks unto the Lord, and to sing praises unto thy name, O most High: .. Psalms92:1-3. When I was 12yrs old, i don't used to go church. I only went to church on christmas & new year days. I wasn't familiar with what is called "Praise and Worship". The only favourite song which our church used to sang as had then is, "Praise the Lord, O praise the Lord... Amighty God O in Jerusaleem". When i traveled from my village to city, I went through where 500 churchs & 1000 churches in one civil centre, giving praises to God in diffrence language including my own language. I asked myself, why these people shouting so much? Voice behind told me that: for this purpose I create them forth. Luke19:37-40. In de beginning God created all thing in their own ability. Gen1&2. Among all none of dem can voice out & say; God thank you. He said lets made a man in our own image. We were created to shew forth praise & thanks to God not only to inherit the earth as people think. WHAT PRAISES CAN DO next page.

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