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When a Blind Man Can See

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“When a Blind Man Can See” Luke 18:35-43

Preached at New Zion Baptist Church, Warsaw, VA June 14, 2009 10:30 am

Main Idea: When Desperation meets Determination, the result is deliverance!

I. Introduction – This text’s place in the chapter

A. Follows parables about coming to and/or seeking God

1. They lacked understanding

2. Those who had physical sight

a. Could not see

b. Could not understand

c. Could not know the way

II. Body - The man without sight could see more.

A. His state

1. He was a beggar

2. He was Desperate

3. When he heard – faith comes by hearing

a. He asked and was told by the selfless crowd

b. He cried

4. He was Determined

a. He cried out more when blocked by the selfish crowd

b. Be careful what crowd you listen to

5. He was Delivered

a. Jesus stood still

i. Jesus used the blessing blockers to be a blessing

b. His eyes were open

i. By his faith – faith comes by hearing

c. He served the Lord

III. Conclusion – the Day Jesus stood still for you

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