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Lukes Version of the Lords Supper1

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Luke’s Version of the Lord’s Supper

1.      You can see from the layout that Luke’s version of the Lord’s Supper differs significantly from Mark (and Matthew).

2.      Notice Luke’s Panel 1 with the additional cup mentioned. See the comment on the 4 cups in the institution study.

3.      In Panel 4 in Luke a dispute breaks out. Why is this incredibly ironic at this point? What does this demonstrate?

4.      There have been many ways of envisioning what the gospel is. Liberation of the oppressed from the oppressor, triumph of the underdog, etc. In each revolution, however, the original game remains the same. One is on top, and another is on bottom. How does this world work from top to bottom? Who inherits the earth?

5.      Jesus turns that all over here, his kingdom is different. He in fact confers a kingdom upon them, one that they will reign over after his ascension into the consummation (Daniel 7).

6.      In Panel 5 we have an echo of Job. What is this about? How are they to be tested like Job?

7.      Panel 7 is difficult and has been read in different ways. First it is clear that Jesus wants to remind them of the fact that God saw them through difficult times before. The times they are about to face, however, will be far more difficult. The question is, how should we take what he is saying now?

a.       Before you needed no provision, now you do, in fact you need swords to protect yourselves, times are so dire. I must be counted among the lawless, this means that I need to appear like a brigand. To do this, we will need swords. OK, you have two? Fine.

b.      Before you needed no provision, but this will be far more desperate still. This won’t be just about some temporary deprivation of food or comfort, this will be life and death. See, I am fulfilling Isaiah 53:12 and will be counted among the lawless. What? You’re taking me literally with these swords? Haven’t you understood anything I’ve been saying for the last 3 years? Enough of this!

I think it’s pretty clear that b is preferred because of what will happen in the garden when the disciples actually resort to the sword.

8.      What rings clearly from all of this will be this new kingdom, this kingdom not of the sword, not of power, not of all that this world values and strives for, but of service and willingly embraced sacrifice.

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