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An enemy – at the Table of the Lord

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At the heart of our celebration of the Lord’s Supper, we are reminded that there is an enemy.

At the Table with Jesus, there was Judas.

Jesus and Judas – These two names bring us to the heart of the spiritual battle that’s going on within every one of us.

As we come to the Lord’s Table, each of us must decide: Will I come to Jesus? or Will I, like Judas, go away from Jesus?

In our battle against Satan, there are two things that we need to know about him.

- We need to know that he is a determined enemy.

- We need to know that he is a defeated enemy.

Determined and Defeated – we need to learn both of these lessons concerning God’s enemy and our enemy.

  • If we forget that he is determined, we will be caught off guard, and he will take full advantage of our failure to watch out for him.
  • If we forget that he is defeated, he will fill our hearts and minds with thoughts about our failure and he will destroy us.

When we think of Satan, God’s enemy and our enemy, let’s rejoice in his defeat, and let’s also remember that he is determined. He’s determined – Take care. He’s defeated – Take courage from this.

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