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Jesus Thinks of Others First

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Comical Story about meekness

One young mother had two boys, one aged seven and the other four-years old.

The older brother thought only of himself. Whenever there was a choice, he would demand the best part or the first place. The younger brother always resented this. Whenever he ended up with the second best, he would break into tears and demand that his mother make things fair.

There were even times when they pretended to be Bible characters. The older brother would announce that he was Jesus. The younger brother would break into tears and say, "I want to be Jesus!" There was never an end to the conflict.

Early one Saturday morning, mom was making pancakes. When the first was done, mom placed it on the plate in the center of the table. As soon as the pancake hit the plate, both boys came running and sat down at the table.

As expected, the older brother grabbed the only pancake and threw it onto his plate. The younger brother instantly broke into tears and loudly begged mother to make things right.

Mom decided it was time to teach an important lesson. "You know, boys, if Jesus was here, he would do things differently. Jesus would not think of Himself first. He would look at that pancake and say, 'I want my brother to have the first and the best.'"

Her message hit the seven-year-old right between the eyes. He understood what she was saying. Sadly, he looked down at the pancake that he had snatched. He thought for a couple seconds. Then a smile came across his face. He looked across the table to his younger brother and said in the nicest possible way, "Billy, you can be Jesus."

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