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A Plan That Always Works

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A Plan That Always Works

Eccl. 7:2

Pat Taylor’s Funeral


It is better to go to a house of mourning than to go to a house of feasting, for death is the destiny of every man; the living should take this to heart. Eccles. 7:2




I.                Death Described


A.       Termination of Life

1.       It’s Vague – we don’t quite understand it

2.       We’ve never been there before


B.       The Greatest of our Enemies

1.       Shows no respect for age or wealth


2.       Robs parents of a precious child


3.       Robs children of parents

4.       Arrives suddenly & unannounced


5.       Snatches many in the “prime of their lives.”


6.       Power, beauty, & wealth meet their match with death


C.       Many Avoid Thinking About their Death

1.       They refuse to face it


2.       They’re RELUCTANT to talk about it


3.       They’re RELUCTANT to attend funerals


D.       Everyone Will Eventually Die

1.       The Wise – plans ahead & experiences God’s MERCY


2.       The Unwise – waits & experiences God’s JUSTICE

E.        Solomon Advice: Don’t Think Morbidly About Death

1.       He knows it’s helpful to think clearly


2.       He reminds us there’s still time to change


3.       There’s still time to examine the direction of our lives.


4.       Still time to confess our sins


5.       Still time to find forgiveness from God



I.                The Plans We Make


A.       Career Plans


1.       Where to go to school


2.       What major/trade to take


3.       What job to settle in


B.       Family Plans


1.       Who to date/marry


2.       To have/not have children


3.       Where to live



C.       Financial Plans


1.       To purchase/rent homes


2.       To purchase/rent cars & furnishings


3.       Budget plans


4.       Get out of debt plans


5.       Career moves to build our income


D.       Retirement Plans


1.       401K, Ira’s & Pensions


2.       Life Insurance


3.       Dream Retirement Homes



Considering the great detail we put into life’s plans, we often neglect the most important plan:  A Spiritual Plan



II.              A Spiritual Plan


A.       Many Avoid Them

1.       “I’ll get to it later”


2.       Problem: LATER NEVER COMES.”





B.       Many are Afraid

1.    “I may lose out on something.”

2.    It’s no fun being a Christian


C.       Many Don’t Care

1.    “I’m in control of my life.”


2.    I’m my own boss, I call the shots


D.       We were Created to live Forever

1.    Eternally separated from God – Hell


2.    Eternally connected to God – Heaven




E.        God Wants a Relationship with You.

1.    He’ll never force it


2.    He offers – we must accept it


3.    God wants you connected to a spiritual family


4.    God wants you to grow spiritually


5.    God wants you in a ministry – serving others


6.    He wants us to share His Word








III.        What’s Important to God?

A.       Dynamic & Growing Relationship with Him

B.       Dynamic & Growing Relationship w/Spouse & Children

C.       Dynamic & Growing Relationship with a church family

A Spiritual Plan

seals our eternity with Christ!

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