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Opening Scripture: Acts 22:25-29.

Roman Citizenship Legal Privileges

1) Cannot be flogged without a trial.

2) No immediate imprisonment in Rome, must first go

through a fair judicial process.

3) Received military protection. (Acts 22:12-35).

4) Could appeal to the emperor for trial. (Acts 25:11-12).

As Saints of God, our greatest and most important citizenship is Spiritual, not Earthly!

Do not abuse citizenship freedoms!

1) Ga 5:13.

2) Jn 8:34–36.

3) Matt. 13:1ff.

This parable shows us how easy it is when we allow

outside influences to keep us from staying focused on

our ultimate purpose, & goal:

a. Our ultimate Goal: "To get to heaven."

b. Our ultimate Purpose: "To live in willful submission to

live in willful submission to God's will."

c. With proper focus on spiritual citizenship, we can

successfully accomplish our purpose & goal.

A) Our Heavenly Citizenship Is Eternal:

1. We are citizen's of God's kingdom.

a. Eph. 2:12-13, 19. (Privileges: Eph. 1:3-6).

2. We are actually citizen's of Heaven.

a. Phil. 3:20. (we show we are "waiting" by the lives we


B) Our Earthly Citizenship Is Temporary:

1. We live in this world, but we do not belong here!

a. Heb. 13:14. "we have no lasting city..."

b. 1 Pet. 1:17; 1 Pet. 2:11. This is a temporary situation.

2. This world is ungodly & scheduled for destruction, we

shouldn't cling to it!

a. 1 John 2:15-17.

3. The quality of our earthly citizenship has eternal


a. 2 Pet. 3:10-14.

b. Eccl. 12:13-14.

c. Rom. 2:4-11.

C) What Jesus Said About Earthly Citizenship

1. John 18:36. "My kingdom is not of this world..."

2. Matt. 6:19-24. Store up treasures in heaven, not on


3. Matt. 6:25ff. Don't live an anxious life!

4. Mark 8:36-38. Condition of the soul more important

than condition of life!

D) How Some Saints View Their Earthly Citizenship

1) Some value life more than eternal life (Jn. 6:22-27).

2) Physical things of more value (Mark 10:17-23).

3) Trying to stay alive and in good health (John 6:22-


4) Some value temporary pleasure over eternal

pleasure (2 Tim. 4:10).

5) Some love earthly loyalties more than heavenly

loyalties (Matt.6:33).

a. More involved in advancing political agendas.

b. More loyal to family (Matt. 10:37).

c. Loyalty to their boss or occupation

6) Some more involved with and loyal to social clubs,

and organizations:

a. Health & or disease awareness.

b. Charities, and foundations.

c. Community volunteer programs.

Some Christians care more about the outcome of these earthly clubs and programs than they do about advancing the cause of Christ!

E) How Some Saints View Their Spiritual Citizenship

1) Matt. 13:44. Parable of Hidden Treasure.

2) Matt. 13:45-46. Parable of the Pearl of Great Value.

3) Luke 19:5 (Zacchaeus).

a. Man of small stature. (Lk. 19:3).

b. Man of great power and wealth. (Lk. 19:2).

c. Man of great heart & Character. (Lk. 19:5-8).

d. Man of great perspective. (Lk. 19:9-10).

1) True power is God's grace!

2) True wealth is Jesus in your life, and being a

true citizen of His eternal kingdom! (Lk. 19:6).

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