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FSB - Fruit of the Spirit2 - The Law and the Spirit

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Mankind tries to deal with the flesh by suppression or celebration

Galatians deals with both issues, however, the majority of the book deals with the problem of Christians using the law to find freedom in Christ.

Men often write rules to stop the corruption by the flesh.

This is, “the legislation of morality”

The laws of a society are not its jewels, they are its chains. They deny individual liberty.

Unredeemed society drifts back and forth between tyranny and anarchy.

NT Christianity is as different as Sarah and Hagar (Galatians 4:21-31)

Old Testament Law: Hagar / Sinai - Physical Jerusalem / Bondage

New Testament Spirit: Sarah / Heavenly Jerusalem / Liberty

Galatians teaches that to return to our OT roots is to return to Christless bondage.

•There is no Christian Priesthood or sacrifices

•There is no Christian circumcision

•We cannot impose OT laws upon NT believers

•Jewish people following traditional Jewish customs are not closer to God than Gentiles who do not practice Jewish customs

Does Paul think the law is helpful or harmful to the Christian life?

The Law is the servant of faith, serving as a schoolmaster – Gal. 3:24

•It revealed the presence of sin

•It revealed the need for and possibility of propitiation through atonement

•It revealed the coming “lamb of God” who could take away the sin of the world

•It revealed the need for faith

Paul never declares the law to be evil. – Gal. 3:21-23

He merely declares it to be powerless…

•Incapable of justifying the sinner – Gal. 2:16

•Incapable of sanctifying the saint – Gal. 3:1-2, 10-14

A Law’s sphere of influence is limited to the outward actions of a man.

•Law cannot discern the thoughts and intents of the heart

•It can restrain those who use liberty in a destructive way

•It can create order by conformity

•Law can judge the actions and declare one man to be moral and another to be immoral.

•Laws can be parsed to create loop-holes that justify actions that violate the spirit of the law.

Can the Jewish Laws be an acceptable tool to fight the flesh?

•The Prayer of the “flesh-fighter” – Luke 18:11-12

How was he better than your ordinary man?

•What was wrong? – Luke 18:9, 14

Legalistic flesh IS STILL FLESH!

What is God’s plan for sanctification?

•Reckon yourselves dead to sin and alive to God – Galatians 2:20

•The just shall live by Faith – Galatians 3:11

•Put off, Be Renewed, Put on – Ephesians 4:22-24

•Walk in the Spirit – Galatians 5:16

The Fruit of the Spirit is God’s plan for every believer

Where do we place ourselves in the battle between the flesh and the law?

On a piece of paper, draw two large circles near the bottom – one to the left and the other to the right. Now draw a line that connects the two.

In one circle write: The Flesh Celebrated: I do as I feel without regard for God.

In the opposite circle write: The Flesh Confined: I restrain my flesh for a better life.

The line represents the attempt of man to find a comfortable mediate position that embraces the best of both worlds.

Now draw a third circle in the center well above the connecting line. In it write: The Flesh Crucified: I live by the faith of the Son of God.

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