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8 - Worship Review

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What Exactly Is Christian Worship?

In Search of a Biblical, Theological, and Practical Definition for the Practice of Worship

What Exactly Is Christian Worship? © 2006 by Bradley Robert Berglund. All rights reserved. No part of this book may be used or reproduced in any manner whatsoever without written permission except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical articles and reviews. For information address:
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Chapter 9

Bringing It All Together

Worship is the wholehearted glorification of God through the terms He prescribes by the power He provides. Worship originates from God the Father, expresses itself through God the Son, and is energized by God the Holy Spirit. Man worships God best when he determines all glory belongs to God, all authority belongs to Jesus Christ, and all filling comes from the Holy Spirit.

When the Holy Spirit uses the true worship of God to quicken the heart of the unredeemed man and brings him to cry out for salvation from his sin, all of God’s people should rejoice with the angels in heaven. God is gracious and merciful. Still, the focus of worship ought never to be upon the visitor; instead it must be on the God whom we are commanded to love with ALL of our heart, souls, mind, and strength.

Worship is …

The wholehearted glorification of God Through the terms He prescribes By the power He provides

Worship recognizes …

The Infinite Dignity of God The Absolute Sovereignty of God The Miraculous Ability of God

The Person of the Godhead

God the Father – Creator God the Son – Lord God the Holy Spirit – Comforter

The Attitude of the Faithful

I am nothing; God is everything I am a servant; Jesus is my Master I am a temple; The Holy Spirit my Occupant

When Flesh is in Control

Pride-filled Worship Profane Worship Mechanical Worship

Vile Examples

Lucifer Cain Pharisees

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