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Luke 14:16-24

It is amazing what excuses people make and give for not coming to Christ or for not doing what the Lord is asking them to do. Some are too busy, some too clever, some too religious to repent, some too worldly to want to; some too proud to pray.

The Lord Jesus once focused on this problem. He told the story we see in our scripture passage this morning. It is the story of three kinds of men together with their empty reasons for not responding to the invitation that is given.

The supper time is this present age. The supper itself refers to the blessings and privileges provided for men in the sacrifice of God's Son.

The many bidden are the Jews who received the 1st invitation, and who had been advised a long time beforehand. The excuses aree the silly objections brought by them against Jesus and His claims.

The poor and maimed are the publicans and sinners among both Jew and Gentile who accepted the invitation. Those compelled to come in from the highways and hedges are the strangers afar off who had no hope.

Those who shall never taste of the supper are the unbelieving Jewish nation, who have been 'cut off'.

This parable sets forth great spiritual facts. 1. That God has provided the feast where mankind is invited to eat and drink of the bread and water of life. 2. That not everyone who is invited will accept the invitation. 3. That men will make excuse rather thatn face the main issue.

Let’s give you a little background here. It was the custom then to send out 2 invitations. One to announce the event and the other to tell the invited guests that it was all ready. It took time to get the message out and time to prepare. Wedding celebrations usually lasted a 7-10 days.


A. Adam - "The woman thou gavest me"

B. Eve - "The serpent beguiled me"

C. Flip Wilson - "The devil made me do it"


A. Distance

B. Weather

C. Business

D. One's feelings

E. Services too long

F. Don't like so and so

G. Seats uncomfortable

H. Work hard all week and must rest



A. COME, for all things are not ready.

All blessing now ready in Christ Jesus

1. Do need forgiveness? Now ready

2. Do you need a substitute? Now ready

3. Do you need peace? Now ready.

B. Come, for all classes are invited.

1. The poor-feeds on stale scraps-street people

2. The maimed - crippled, deprived of limbs

Morally, the ones whose conscience has been seared and

whose will-power is cut off.

3. The Halt - Those having all limbs but crippled or deformed.

4. The Blind - Walk pretty straight, but are in blackness of darkness all the time.

Outward life right in eyes of men, but unable to see where they are going.

C. Come, for there is still room.

Filling fast, but yet still room.

Know not hour God may tell Son to rise and shut the door.


A. I have something else to see

Bought property and must needs go see it. Nothing like buying a pig in a poke. Grab bag real estate See to their earthly possessions & no time for eternal provision God has provided.

B. I have something else to do

I have to go to work.

Another buying pig in a poke Who is going to buy anything without knowing anything about the purchased product?

Those who will persist in taking care of worldly interests until they are proved to be fools.

C. I have something else to enjoy

The family man's excuse.

If one is to be acceptable this is it.

All new relationships are sure to have a powerful influence in one way or another.

Yet they can not stand before God for you, only you can do that.


A. It deceives no one but the one making them

1. The world knows better

2. God knows better

3. Excused are inconsistent with their actions.

B. Let us face some facts about our selves.

1. Am I what I ought to be spiritually?

2. Am I what I really ought to be?

3. Am I what I could be if I really surrendered to the Lord?

C. Let us face some facts about God

1. Do you have anything better?

2. Can you afford to run the risk of being wrong?

3. If I am right and you are wrong what will you lose?

a) You soul

b) God's blessings

Today there are two roads open before us. You are responsible for your decision.

The one giving the invitation said if refused you woulod not even be saved a bite to taste of the feast.

Where do you stand today?

What is your decision?

Jesus wants to give you eternal life today. Right now. Today is the day of salvation, Now is the accepted time.

1.Acknowledge you are a sinner

2. Repent of your sin

3. Ask God to save you to make you a child of God

4. Thank Him for keeping His word.

Your eternal destiny could well be decided here today by you and you alone .

Don't refuse the One who died for you that you would not have to.

What will it be?

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