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The Bible: Whose Word Is It?

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When it comes to the Bible and accepting its unique authorship and wisdom of the best way to live, some people quickly point out that man wrote the Bible, that is, it is man's idea, and they reject it. They see it as a book that bears the characteristics of its writer who they know from experience cannot be trusted. Why, then, should they trust human beings like themselves, who are liars by nature, or a book filled with lies? However, people who reject the Bible for these reasons are actually confirming the opposite of what they believe because with our nature, human beings could not have conceived the Bible.

Man’s participation in the production of the Bible is only as the human hands that wrote down its contents. If human beings were the self-inspired writers of the Bible, as some believe, the Bible would not oppose the way man lives! It would be uncharacteristic for human beings to produce such a book, opposing the things done out of our very nature. We would not know how to do that. More likely, man would produce a Bible that commands us to live out the desires of our nature, unrestrainedly, as we are trying to do today. It would teach us to hate more. Fornicate more. Commit adultery more. Rape more. Steal more. Murder more. Envy more. Curse more. Bear false testimony more. Practice homosexuality more. Lose control more. Commit incest more. Disobey more, and the list goes on. Every horrible act we commit would be lawful!

Considering people believe the Bible bears the characteristics of whoever inspired it, why does it oppose the way we are, the way we live? Someone else, not man, must have inspired it. Someone who has a different nature and a different standard of living, capable of changing our lives and the way we live for the best. This someone, obviously, knows us thoroughly and cares about us, enough to want to curb our self-destructive ways. Who could it be?

People who are willing to get pass their crucial misunderstanding of who wrote the Bible, that is, inspired it, and look intensely into what is written, have a real possibility of finding this someone and truth.

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