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- Help can be found in Egypt, but it is against the help from Heaven.

- Egypt signifies bondage and worldliness. Seeking help from Egypt implies going outside the will of God to look for assistance

- No matter how many the afflictions of the righteous, the Lord is able and willing to give deliverance. Ps. 34:19-22

- If you work up to God, help will come; there is no excuse to go to Egypt. 2kings 1:2-4

- Help from God will bring a lasting Joy in this world and the world to come but help from Egypt brings damnation.


There are various reasons why people seek help from Egypt, some of which are itemized below.

1. Impatience and looking for a very quick solution. Whenever people can not wait for God they tend to look for means they thought would be easier and faster to get their problem solved. For instance when a King was sick in Israel, he sent messenger to enquire of the god of Eckron to find out whether he will live or die.

2. Ignorance of the help available from God, and the consequence of seeking help from Egypt. So many people are either not born again, or they do not have a healthy relationship with God. As a result, they are ignorant of the help that can be received from God at the same time ignorant of the consequences of receiving such help outside the will of God.

3. Unwillingness to pay the price of Obedience and Holiness required in getting help from Heaven. Many people that are aware of the help possible from God do not seek God for help because they are not willing to live a life separated from sins, and to obey all godly instructions and commandments as given in the scriptures.

4. Looking back of at the pleasure of sin in Egypt. The Israelites remembered the onions and cucumber they ate in Egypt and they blamed Moses for taken them out of there. Pleasures of sins might make people to look back from God and return to Egypt.

5. Believing the lies and deception of the devil more than the truth of God’s word. Many people believed the deception of fake prophets because their terms seem simple and attractive and they trusted in their lying wonders than the preaching of holiness and heaven where immediate miracles are not attached.

6. Maintaining a link with and taking counseling from the Egyptians. Ps. 1:1-3. When you are too close to unbelievers, you will take counsel from them and join them in the wickedness they do. We must be able to take counsel from God-fearing believers and by meditating daily in the word of God.

7. Fear that produces worries, anxiety and unbelief. Sometimes, the devil use the weapon of fear to send people out of the will of God and make them to look for help in Egypt. By so doing, he will be able to keep the people under bondage so that they will continually be his slaves.


- Many problems last long despite prayer because of help received from Egypt in the past. A lot of people entered into a covenant either consciously or unconsciously by seeking help from satanic prophets. For instance during one of our Holy Ghost power night, God revealed a man who consulted Satanic prophets for breakthrough in life. The prophet killed a fowl and collected the blood into a bowl which he mixed with water and washed the head of this man with it. Unknown to the man that he was entering into a covenant with the devil. His case grew worse instead of getting better. God had mercy upon him when he confessed and repented and the yoke of this satanic covenant was broken upon his life.

- Help from Egypt opens door for the devil and give him a legal ground in people’s lives.

The parents of a young lady consulted witch doctors to save her from death attack from the familiar spirits. This consultation opened the door for Satan in the life of the lady and she faced series of attack from the kingdom of darkness. In one of meetings she had encounter with the power of God and she was delivered from the bondage to the glory of God.

- Some of the ways people receive help from Egypt are outlined below:

1. Consulting a false prophet for prayer and prophecies. Any form of wiling consultations of false prophet for prayers or prophesies whether you are aware that they are false prophet or not.

2. Swearing an oath before an idol to secure an agreement: for instance marriage, business or properties. The idol may help in securing the agreement, but some evil consequence will follow thereafter.

3. Consulting witch doctors and occultist people to solve a problem. Sometimes they make attempt to read your palm, your star or claim to see what awaits you in the future

4. Presenting sacrifices to receive favors or to ward away evil attacks.

5. All kinds of ungodly advice and guidance we receive from those outside Christ.

6. Receiving spiritual gifts in an unbiblical manner. Any spiritual gifts received by eating special kind of food, taking a special bath, burning candles or incense or other procedures that are not seen with the New Testament Church.


No matter how serious the effects of past help received from Egypt is, deliverance is possible and only through the name of Jesus Christ. The Bible says the purpose of His manifestation is to destroy the works of the devil and therefore setting all satanic captives free from their bondages.

The following conditions are essential if one would be totally free from satanic bondages.

1. You must be born again and be totally surrendered to Jesus. Once washed by the blood of Jesus, you have a covenant right to enjoy total freedom from sins, from Satan and from sorrows. Attempting to receive deliverance without genuine salvation will result in failure and lead to a greater attack from the powers of darkness.

2. Cancel all former agreements with false prophets and occultist people. If you still have their properties with you, pray very well and release all to a servant of God to destroy. A man came to our meeting one day for deliverance, but was still keeping a special perfume he received from a false prophet in his house. To the glory of God, this secrete was revealed and he was asked to go and bring this material. We burnt it in fire before he could totally be set free.

3. Renounce all know and unknown covenants with the devil. You will need to plea the blood of Jesus on your self and separate yourself from any covenant you might have entered into yourself or those entered into on your behalf either consciously or unconsciously.

4. Release all satanic objects and materials within your reach for prayer. These include all objects given to you for power, protection, or good fortune.

5. Pray seriously with fasting and present yourself for deliverance. You can fast and pray for yourself taking all the above steps. But it is advisable that you also present yourself to be prayed for in deliverance under a Holy ghost-filled servant of God.

6. Maintain a good relationship with God in a life of holiness. Most people can not maintain their deliverance because they fail to live a life above sin. Sin will separate a man from God and thus give the devil a legal ground in such life. To enjoy total liberty, you must therefore surrender yourself to holy living, and then be consistent in a fervent prayerful life.

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