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Seeing God in the Unexpected

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Sermon Outline

1. Illustration - taking care of Liam - exhausting, tiring work

a. never knew being a parent would be so difficult!

b. protective nature kicked in, want to do everything i can to make him happy and to have a good life

c. hope I’m always able to give him what he needs

2. Jesus goes to see family

a. hard to imagine why Jesus’ own family would question him

b. I could never do this to Liam

c. Didn’t they know what kind of person Jesus was? He was prophesized from birth, he amazed the rabbis at age 12, and now that he’s grown into his role, they don’t believe him?

3. Preaching is never an easy thing to do.

a. Public speaking is the most common fear among people, and preaching is supposedly bringing a word from God.

b. Any preacher who tells you they never get nervous and absolutely love preaching, is probably either lying or is so full of themselves they have no clue how bad they really sound!

c. When I first began preaching in Ohio, it was nerveracking - the church was the one I grew up in, it was like my family

d. I think it was my 3rd sermon ever, my parents came up from Texas to see me. That was especially difficult!

e. Jesus was probably nervous for his sermon to his family - this is a story about Jesus’ humanity

4. Jesus family couldn’t see him for who he was

a. My dad didn’t like the idea of me becoming a preacher

b. Preachers were something up on the pedastal

c. We all do this - we fail to see God in the everyday. In hindsight, God is in the unexpected

5. Jesus sends the disciples out

a. The scripture is really a 2-part story, the second is Jesus sending his disciples out

b. Jesus tells them to go two by two, and to not bring anything with them except their tunic - and not two tunics, just one!

c. I can imagine their response - “really, Jesus, really?” You just saw how your hometown rejected you, and now you want us to go out and totally trust that other people will take us in?

d. That’s how I would respond, but sometimes people call me a cynic!

e. Cynics in Jesus’ lifetime

i. same list of things to not bring

ii. movie, Wanderlust

iii. “cynic” meant “dog” - mix between hippie and homeless person

6. Jesus wanted the townspeople to see God in the unexpected

a. The interesting point in this passage is the shaking the dust off their feet

b. that was something Jews did before entering the holy land

c. the disciples went out like dogs and came back holy

7. Seeing God in the unexpected

a. We often think our job as Christians is to take care of the least, the most vulnerable.

b. But it is in the most unexpected that God shows up

c. I can’t imagine Liam ever having to take care of me - I don’t want to think about that time

d. I’m sure for Jesus family, having him come back to be their messiah was not an easy pill to swallow

8. Have you seen God lately?

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