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Lord, help us to value the things that are really important.

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Lord, help us to value the things that are really important. Sometimes, we make too much of things that don't really matter very much. You are speaking to us. You're trying to get our attention, but we're too busy with other things - things that are much less important than we think they are. Lord, help us not to lose our way. Help us to remember that Jesus is the real "Very Important Person." What matters to Him - that's the most important thing!

Lord, help us to learn from everyday life. Help us to look around us - and learn the lessons that You are teaching us. We miss so much of what You are saying to us. We're thinking so much about ourselves. We don't see what You're showing us. Lord, help us to open our eyes and our ears. Help us to open our minds and our hearts. Help us to open our lives to You - to learn more about the greatness of Your love for us.

Lord, You're speaking to us all the time. You never stop speaking to us. We don't always hear what You're saying to us. We look out at the wonderful world You've created for us - and we take it all for granted. We see this wonderful world all day, every day - but are we really looking for You, are we really listening to You, are we really learning from You? Lord, help us to look, listen and learn.

Lord, help us to appreciate Your Gospel - more truly and more fully. Help us not to say, "I know all that. I've heard it all before." Help us to see that we can never take the 'L- plates' off. There's always something more for us to learn: more about Jesus, more of Your love, more of Your power, more of Your blessing.

Lord, help us to be Your faithful servants. Faithfulness doesn't come easily to us. We start well - and then we lose our way. Faithfulness is Your gift to us. We come to You with our confession of failure. We have failed You over and over again. We thank You, Lord, that, even in our repeated failure, we hear Your Word of promise: "Those who wait on the Lord will renew their strength" (Isaiah 40:31).

Lord, we thank You for Jesus - His body was broken for us, His blood was shed for us. We thank You that Jesus took our sin upon Himself so that we might be forgiven by You. We thank You that Jesus gave His life for us so that we might receive eternal life from You. Help us, Lord, to look at Jesus, dying on the Cross for us. May each one of us say, "Thank You, Lord Jesus, for being my Saviour."

Lord, we need the cleansing that only You can give to us. Without this cleansing of our hearts, we have nothing but empty religion. Help us not to be content with saying the right words. Help us to be the right people - people who are being cleansed, people who are being changed, people who are bringing glory to You, our Lord.

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