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Chapter 1 - The Five-Percenters

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The Five-Percenters – chapter 1

By: Reverend Timothy Vink – used by permission (to copy text, select starting at the bottom of the page going up, then paste into your word document)

Text: Ephesians 4:11-13; Romans 12:3-8 (Verse summary: there are different roles and each member belongs to one another and each of us has different gifts according to the grace given us).

Topic: We are all wired differently for prayer

Big Idea: Prayer Warriors, Intercessors, and Watchmen are equippers for the Body of Christ

Keywords: Five Percenter, Ninety-five Percenter, Prayer Warrior, Preparing the Way, Do-Able Prayers

Do-Able Prayer, Chapter 1 Summary - We are all wired differently for prayer, each with his or her own unique role. The Five-Percenters are people who are passionate-in-prayer who are given as a protection for the church and who are behind the scenes equippers for the Body of Christ in the spiritual realm. Their gifts need support and nurture from the church in order for them to thrive in healthful ways. As part of their equipping function, Five-Percenters prepare the way in prayer for the rest of the Body of Christ.


(Based on the book: Do-Able Prayer by Ginny Kisling - includes optional group study guide at the end of each chapter)

Jesus Christ has been given all legitimate authority in heaven and earth

•This ascension truth spoken by Jesus in Matthew 28:18 is a game-changer for humanity.

•Our battle is not with flesh and blood, but all the dark angelic forces of evil. Eph. 6:10-13

•The devil and his angels exercise not one shred of legitimate authority...but the believer united in Christ does exercise such authority under Jesus in all spheres of life. Matthew 10:1; Genesis 1:28

•Illustration: even the biggest football player can receive a ticket or get arrested by even a small police officer when they break the law, since the officer exercises authority bigger than themselves.

•We have been given access through the Holy Spirit to the center of the universe, to Jesus who has all authority in heaven and on earth, who sits on a throne with a good name (grace). Hebrews 4:16

•Christians can bring mountains of grace and mercy to earth through our prayers due to the access we have to Jesus and his throne of grace. We are authorized to do so.

•Some in the body of Christ devote their whole life to this most pivotal, most powerful ministry of prayer. We all can celebrate these Prayer Warriors for how their identity as people of passion-in-prayer clears the way for us all in the spiritual realms against the forces of evil.

•Dr. Peter Wagner, former Professor of Church Growth at Fuller Theological Seminary, cited in his book, Prayer Shield, that “5 percent of the church members in the average congregation provide 80% of the meaningful intercession.”

•Illustrate an example of the "5%" from chapter one with the story of Rev. Daniel Nash and Charles Finney, or the Mt. Athos, Greece, monasteries.

Unity in our Diversity leads to Maturity

•Romans 12:3-5 urges us to value the interdependence of all the different members of the Body of Christ; we all have been placed in this one new Body by God according to God's choice and design.

•Ephesians 4:1 urges us to live a life worthy of the calling we have received through salvation in Jesus. There is just one body and one Spirit, one hope, one Lord, one faith, one baptism, one God and Father of us all.

•Ephesians 4:10 declares the intent of the ascended Christ is to fill the whole universe with his grace and truth, through a diversity of grace and gifts given to each one of us. (verse 7, 11)

•The diversity of our spiritual gifts and the five-fold equipping functions in the body of Christ are given to the whole body so that the body may become whole.

•Every part doing its work will make the body more and more mature, attaining even to the measure of the fullness of Christ. (Eph. 4:13)

•We share in the intentions of God to fill the universe with Christ's blessings and authority!

•Andrew Murray has said, “There is no great work of God that has ever happened in history that has not first been preceded in prayer.” Filling the universe with the saving ways and presence of Christ and his Kingdom is a great work indeed!

•Prevailing prayer by a united body of Christ with diverse gifts and abilities will make such unity, maturity, and fullness in Christ abound on earth as it is in heaven.

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