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Faith and Love

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Faith and Love

Col. 1:4

I.          Thanksgiving and Prayers Given for Faith Exhibited.

            A. The meaning of “Faith in Christ”.

                        1) The use of the preposition εν.

                                    Is properly faith exhibited in the sphere of the relationship.

                        2) The use of the preposition εις .

As used in John 3:16 “believeth in Him” is faith exercised into a relationship with God.

B. The Apostles emphasis was on the demonstration of the Spirit in the believers at Colosse.

It’s never enough to hear that someone has made a profession of faith, but that their faith in Christ has produced some fruit.


II.        Thanksgiving and Prayers Given for Faith Perfected.

            A. Love, the distinguishing trait of all Christians. (John 13:35)

Love to Christ is necessarily involved, for love to the saints is really a generous, unselfish affection for Christ’s image in them.”

(Homiletic Preachers Commentary)


            B. Love, the true nature of God. (1 John 4:8-17)

            C. Love, the conquering force of God in man. (1 John 4:18-19)

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