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I Need A Volunteer

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As I contemplated what it must have been like for Jesus to step down from heaven, I asked God to help me understand. He gave me this poem that same day.


I need a volunteer.

I have a job that needs done and I need a volunteer.

You see, I have these worms. And they are dying. I love them. I’ve told them what to do to live, but they won’t listen. I need a volunteer.

I need someone to become a worm and go and tell them how much I love them. I need someone to give up their eyes and ears and hands and legs and senses, to become a worm. I need someone to go and live with my worms and tell them how much I love them. Do I have any volunteers?

Oh, yes, while you’re living with them, they will hate you! They will beat you! And eventually they will kill you! And the most important thing I need for you to do, while they hate you, and beat you, and kill you,….

I need you to LOVE them.

Do I have a volunteer?

Jesus said, “I volunteer.”

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