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Peter Sellers - Episode 43

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Taping Dates: December 6-8, 1977
Original Airdates: February 27, 1978 (New York) and February 24, 1978 (LA)
DVD Release: Time-Life, 2002; Columbia Tri-Star, 2003; Columbia Tri-Star (UK HMV Exclusive), 2003; Buena Vista Home Video, 2007 PETER SELLERS INTRO*

Brian Henson: "Hi, I'm Brian Henson. This episode of The Muppet Show stars Peter Sellers. A very funny story about this episode is Peter basically said he wants to do anything on the show except for one piece. It was a piece called The Wall where Kermit would interview the guest star for 30 seconds just about themselves. Peter said, 'I can't do that, I can't be myself. Ask me to do anything but don't ask me to be myself. I'll be Queen Victoria but I don't know how to be me.' Naturally The Muppet Show writers did a wonderful piece where they had him play Queen Victoria. Here it is, The Muppet Show with Peter Sellers."

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