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A Sure Word from God

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Rocket scientist Hans Gruene recalls an incident during the 1950s when he was working on the Redstone Rocket. During an investigation following the failure of a Redstone mission, an engineer discovered a mistake made unknowingly while he was working on the rocket, and immediately reported his findings to Werner von Braun, the head of the project. Instead of the expected reprimand, von Braun rewarded him -- because, he said, it was vital to know just what had gone wrong. 

   The degree of accuracy maintained in the space program is illustrated by a statement von Braun made several years ago: "The Saturn 5 has 5,600,000 parts. Even if we had a 99.9 percent reliability, there would still be 5,600 defective parts. Yet the Apollo 4 mission flew a 'text-book' flight with only two anomalies occurring, demonstrating a reliability of 99.9999 percent. If an average automobile with 13,000 parts were to have the same reliability, it would have its first defective part in about 100 years." 


A man told me one time the Bible could not be perfect because God could not use a human to bring about anything perfect.   I asked him if he thought Jesus Christ was a perfect human being he said “oh yes without question.”    I then asked :how did Jesus get to this earth” and he answered through the virgin Mary.”   I then reminded him God did something perfect through a human being.

If man can make 5,600,000 parts with almost no errors why can’t there be a Bible without error.

We have a sure word from God.

Source: James McCullen, December 30, 2011

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